2019 hurricane names — is your name on the list?

Marjorie Ebert asked a question: 2019 hurricane names — is your name on the list?
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Names for 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season

  • Andrea.
  • Barry.
  • Chantal.
  • Dorian.
  • Erin.
  • Fernand.
  • Gabrielle.
  • Humberto.

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Hurricane naming began in 1953, with only female names used until 1978. Male names were added in 1979. Hurricane names are determined by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization. The NHC uses six lists in rotation and they are recycled every six years, so 2019’s list will show up again in 2025.

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1-Nov. 30. The forecasters will update those numbers June 4, three days after hurricane season kickoff. Here are the names for the 2019 season: Andrea...

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1-Nov. 30. Andrea Barry Chantal Dorian Erin Fernand Gabrielle Humberto Imelda Jerry Karen Lorenzo Melissa Nestor Olga Pablo Rebekah Sebastien Tanya Van...

The National Hurricane Center released the names for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Names for 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season Andrea

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season was the fourth consecutive above-average and damaging season dating back to 2016.It is tied with 1969 as the fifth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record in terms of named storms, with 18 named storms and 20 tropical cyclones in total. However, many were weak and short-lived, especially towards the end of the season.

The names Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate were retired following the devastating 2017 season. Below, see the main list for both the Atlantic and Pacific storms for 2019. Names used that became hurricanes are indicated with an asterisk. Atlantic Ocean Hurricane Names for the 2019 Season

Andrea formed before the official beginning of hurricane season, making 2019 the fifth consecutive year in which a named tropical storm has formed before June 1, per the Washington Post. 2. Barry. Formed: July 11; Dissipated: July 19; Location: Southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi; Highest classification: Hurricane; Maximum sustained winds: 75 mph; 3.

There are six lists of names for Atlantic and Pacific storms. Every six years, the lists of names repeat. Jill is not on this repeating list. The only possibility of Jill being used again is if a female “J” name is retired. Hurricane names are retired from the list if the hurricane is especially destructive/deadly.

We'll never see another Hurricane Katrina, Andrew, Isabel or Harvey again, because names associated with high-impact storms are retired by a committee of the World Meteorological Organization ...

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