3 environmental problems related to canada's mining industry?



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Environment Canada works to address the environmental impacts of mining. Waste rock and mine tailings can result in releases to water and soil. Acidic drainage and the leaching of metals from the mine workings and mine wastes may occur at metal mines.

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Based upon current projections of production growth by industry, oil sands emissions in 2010 are expected to constitute 5% of SO x, 7% of NOx, 11% of VOCs, and 5% of GHGs of the national emissions portfolio respectively (Environment Canada Pollution Data Division).

Canada's provinces have primary jurisdiction over mining because it is about natural resource extraction. The federal government has legislation that covers key aspects of the sector. The Minister of the Environment is responsible for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act , and administering the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) under the Fisheries Act .

More than 70% of the world’s mining companies are located in Canada. Except for bad social influence, they also affect the environment. Mining in Canada causes such ecological problems as acid rock drainage. This is the process when crushed rock generates the acid after the reaction with the water and air.

• Tailings pond management: Mount Polley and other dam failures have sharpened mining-sector focus on improving tailings management through safety reviews and emergency management plans.

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