Are rockets and space shuttles the same thing?

Griffin Hand asked a question: Are rockets and space shuttles the same thing?
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  • Although the two are very regularly confused, a rocket and a space shuttle are actually very different things, but so can the words themselves, and this is what confuses many of us when it comes to knowing the difference between the two. The word rocket can mean several things.

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And a Space Shuttle, is like a rocket they send into space. So the difference is a space shuttle is a rocket, and a space station is a building.

There is a well known argument that has circulated the internet that claims that the measurement for the width of the Roman chariot and the solid rocket boosters on the back of NASA's space shuttles are the same unusual measurement of 8 feet 4 1/2 inches (around 1.4 metres). What an intrigueing idea. It goes a little something like this:

Images from wikipedia. Given that the Shuttles used rocket engines, they are rockets by pretty much any definition. They are rockets, in the same way that the Saturn V and Falcon 9 are. However, it's worth remembering that the Space Shuttle was not an overarching class of vehicle like a rocket is.

Similarities between rockets and the Space Shuttle Conventional rockets have reaction control thrusters to keep pointing the rocket in the right direction as well. However, unlike the shuttle —...

Compared to the space shuttle, these rockets will look more like earlier rockets - tall and round and thin. These rockets will take astronauts and supplies to the International Space Station. NASA also is working on a powerful new rocket called a heavy lift vehicle. This rocket will be able to carry large amounts of equipment into space.

These rockets were used for the Apollo missions. The Apollo missions sent men to the moon. A Saturn V also launched the Skylab space station. The space shuttle uses rocket engines. NASA uses rockets to launch satellites. It also uses rockets to send probes to other worlds. These rockets include the Atlas V, the Delta II, the Pegasus and Taurus.

By definition a space shuttle is a spacecraft that is reusable unlike normal spaceships and are used to transport people and other cargo from Earth into shuttles or other places in space. Also...

Space shuttles are very different. As opposed to being created to help take a vessel into space like the rocket, space shuttles are the vessel. Space shuttles were created to take astronauts and cargo into orbit, and the first ever space shuttle flight took place in 1981. Although most space shuttles have their own way of getting off the ground, a rocket like engine is used in order to launch a space shuttle into the air.

Photo: Test firing the Space Shuttle's main engine. Picture courtesy of NASA on the Commons. Now we know what space is, it's easier to understand what a rocket is and how it works. A space rocket is a vehicle with a very powerful jet engine designed to carry people or equipment beyond Earth and out into space. If we define space as the region outside Earth's atmosphere, that means there's not enough oxygen to fuel the kind of conventional engine you'd find on a jet plane.

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