Are the storms on jupiter more powerful than a hurricane?

Dominique McLaughlin asked a question: Are the storms on jupiter more powerful than a hurricane?
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These storms on Jupiter are way better than any hurricane on Earth… In the planet's north pole, one large cyclone is surrounded by eight other polar cyclones, and a large south polar cyclone is encircled by five cyclones, according to the new study produced using data from NASA's Jupiter-exploring Juno probe.

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Yes, a storm that's over 3,000 miles across -- which is roughly the distance from California to New York -- is considered "little" on Jupiter. The huge planet's storms can also swirl for years and...

Jupiter and Saturn don't have oceans, so their spinning storms aren't "hurricanes" in the strict, terrestrial sense. But similar processes spawn them, according to Ingersoll. [ Photos: Jupiter,...

The snapshot also captured Jupiter’s most ancient storms in all of its glory, the Great Red Spot. With no solid surface to slow it down, this hurricane has been circling the planet’s southern...

Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been around for longer, but Saturn's periodic storms are far larger.

Hurricane facts: From the largest hurricane on record to the huge one on Jupiter Hurricanes are powerful storms with strong winds, and are most often seen in the Caribbean Video Loading

Featured above is the Great Dark Spot, which was believed to be similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot—a fast cyclonic storm like a hurricane or typhoon.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot rotates counterclockwise, with a period of about six Earth days or fourteen Jovian days. Measuring 16,350 km (10,160 mi) in width as of 3 April 2017, Jupiter's Great Red Spot is 1.3 times the diameter of Earth. The cloud-tops of this storm are about 8 km (5.0 mi) above the surrounding cloud-tops.

Winds in Jupiter's Little Red Spot Almost Twice as Fast as Strongest Hurricane. 05.21.08. A Category Five hurricane, the strongest class on Earth, has winds raging at more than 155 miles per hour, and they usually max out around 200 miles per hour. Jupiter's Little Red Spot could blow them away with winds of about 384 miles per hour, some of the ...

Although this is a monumental storm by Earth standards, it’s nothing compared to the storms on Neptune and Jupiter, which can last for months, years, or even centuries. On Earth, the power of a hurricane comes from warm vapor evaporating from the sea. This forms dense clouds which release heat into the air.

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