Are there aliens on venus?

Andy Ullrich asked a question: Are there aliens on venus?
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❔ Are venus flytraps aliens?

No they are plants

❔ Is it true that there are aliens on venus?

  • This is 100% proof that aliens exist on our neighboring planet. Alien Built Structures On Venus The Size Of Texas! Video, UFO Sighting News. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

❔ Does venus have aliens living on it?

No. Venus is too hot to support life. So far, scientists have found no direct evidence of life anywhere other than Earth.

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We don't know. Current thinking is no, there is not a sufficiently habitable environment on Venus but, as is many things like this, we are not 100% certain. Nope. It is far too hot on Venus for any than possibly the heat-loving bacteria. The air on Venus is very poisonous, and would not support air-using life as we know it. NO

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Are there minerals on venus?

Yes. Venus is similar in composition to Earth. It has a crust made mostly of silicate minerals.

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Are there people on venus?

  • The inhabitants of Venus were divided into two groups, one peaceful and gentle, the other fierce thieves. Martians resembled humans of various hues without facial hair, lived in perfect communes (wrong thinkers being exiled), wore clothes made from tree bark, and were apparently the best people in the universe.

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Are there rings around venus?

  • Unfortunately, Venus doesn’t have rings. It also doesn’t have any moons; although, Venus might have had a moon in the past, but it probably crashed back into the planet billions of years ago. For a planet to have rings, it must have formed further out in the Solar System, where water ice would be able to freeze into chunks of ice.

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Are there tornadoes on venus'?

Probably not. Although there is evidence that Venus gets thunderstorms, none has been found that it gets tornadoes.

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Are there volcanoes on venus?

There is very little active volcanism on Venus, but many landforms of volcanic origin, such as lava plains, plateaus, ridges, and domes. Almost all of the volcanoes seen on the planet are extinct or dormant. Compared to volcanoes on Earth, those on Venus tend to be flatter but much wider. They are seldom seen over 1.5 kilometers in height, but some shield-type volcanoes cover hundreds of square kilometers in area. Venus does not have plate movement, which causes volcanoes on Earth. The driving force is likely heat rising from hot spots in the mantle, as is seen in some volcanic seamounts on Earth.

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How did venus get there?

it was formed when the solar system was forming. it's distance and composition makes up it's unique features.

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Is there anything orbiting venus?

Well, Venus has no natural satellites today. However, it's possible that Venus did have natural satellites in the past. Perhaps the biggest evidence that Venus once had a natural satellite is its current rotation.

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Is there food on venus?

As for oxygen, Venus has an abundance of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which can be used to grow plants for producing breathable air and food.

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Is there gravity on venus?

Yes there is gravity on Venus

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Is there hydrogen on venus?

Not elemental hydrogen, though it does exist in some compounds. The Atmosphere of Venus contains trace amounts of water vapor. Venus also has a thick layer of clouds made of sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

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Is there iron on venus?

Structure. Venus's inner core is composed of iron-nickel. Although it is hot enough to melt, the tremendous pressure on top of it keeps it solid. Venus's outer core is also composed of iron-nickel, but unlike the inner core, it is not put under enough pressure to make it a solid.

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Is there lava on venus?

  • Lava flows on Venus are thought to be composed of rocks that are similar to the basalts found on Earth. Many of the lava flows on Venus have lengths of several hundred kilometers. The lava's mobility might be enhanced by the planet's average surface temperature of about 470 degrees Celsius.

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Is there rock on venus?

Yes, the planet Venus has rocks. The crust of Venus is mostly volcanic rock. Venus is one of the four rock planets in our solar system.

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There are lava on venus?

At times. Surface temperatures on Venus are not high enough to melt rock, but there are volcanoes there.

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Was there water in venus?

Venus' surface is extremely dry. During its evolution, ultraviolet rays from the sun evaporated water quickly, keeping the planet in a prolonged molten state. There is no liquid water on its surface today because the scorching heat created by its ozone-filled atmosphere would cause water to immediately boil away.

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Are there spaceships aliens or ufo's in the bible?

No, this was a classic example of a UFO leading three advanced men to a great Interplanetary Master who had been born on this Planet to perform a specific mission. […] Another ancient religious text, the Hindu Vedas also refer to UFOs. Find out more about UFOs, aliens and their spiritual message. List of references to UFOs in the Bible

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Nasa thinks there are aliens on jupiter moons 2017?

NASA Thinks Alien Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa is Likely. Brett Tingley February 15, 2017. While Mars was the favorite candidate for alien life for decades, the rover-led search for life on Mars has turned up a disappointing lack of evidence.

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Nasa thinks there are aliens on jupiter moons 2020?

Europa: NASA says there could be aliens on Jupiter's moon after finding surface water | Science | News | SCIENTISTS have tonight said there could be life in space after discovering ...

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Nasa thinks there are aliens on jupiter moons found?

NASA scientists have admitted that Jupiter's moon Europa could potentially support life. The team created a new model to show the moon is likely to have subsurface oceans under its icy surface and...

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Nasa thinks there are aliens on jupiter moons going?

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a massive alien base capable of housing an entire fleet on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The expert came across the image of the alien base after going through a NASA

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Nasa thinks there are aliens on jupiter moons pictures?

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a massive alien base capable of housing an entire fleet on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The expert came across the image of the alien base after going through a NASA

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Are there any craters on venus'?

yes meteors hit Venus surface the craters that were once on the surface disappear

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Are there any minerals on venus?

Its composition is unknown, but it could be an iron-containing mineral such as pyrite or magnetite, which formed at cooler, higher elevations from low concentrations of atmospheric iron(II) chloride vapour in the atmosphere.

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Are there different color venus flytraps?

Venus Flytrap Colors. The Venus flytrap characterizes with bright green and bright red colors… Some variations are fully red (all around) and some others are completely green (no sign of red). For example, the Akai Ryu cultivar of Venus flytrap is deep burgundy in color.

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Are there lava rivers on venus?

ESA's Venus Express has found the best evidence yet for active volcanism on Earth's neighbour planet. Seeing the planet's surface is extremely difficult due to its thick atmosphere, but radar observations by previous missions to Venus have revealed it as a world covered in volcanoes and ancient lava flows.

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