Are there sirens for tornadoes?

Rocio Crona asked a question: Are there sirens for tornadoes?
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Public Warning Sirens are used in many towns to warn people of tornadoes… When you hear sirens, do not call 911 to ask what is happening; instead, listen to NOAA Weather Radio or local radio or TV for the warning information. Most local radio and television stations broadcast storm warnings.

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Why are there no tornado sirens in many East Tennessee communities? Emergency officials say that sirens are just not the most effective way to reach the most people in a dangerous situation ...

Tornado sirens are not intended, nor designed, to alert people in houses, businesses or vehicles of tornado warnings. Most outdoor warning systems in place in Tennessee today are remnants of the old civil defense siren system. Given the variety of terrain in Cumberland County, sirens would only have a range of 1 mile at best, mainly in the western and central parts of the county.

NARRATOR – The sirens are activated for tornadoes and potentially dangerous severe storms, but the purpose of the sirens is often misunderstood. SCHWARTZE – We will often have calls from people who say I couldn’t hear that siren inside my home.

There are two types of tornado sirens, mechanical and electrical. Electrical sirens use speakers and electrical power to produce a noise that is generated through a computer. Mechanical sirens, on the other hand, work by using a central motor, which rotates a fan (known as a rotor) to suck air in.

The voiced sirens do open up the opportunity to use them for a wide variety of warnings, however. They can be used for tornadoes, hurricane evacuations, severe storms and even active shooters.

Public Warning Sirens are used in many towns to warn people of tornadoes. However, rural areas and smaller towns do not have them. If your community does have sirens, find out how they are used and if you can hear them. Remember, even if a siren is nearby, they are intended as an outdoor warning system.

The most common tone, "alert", is widely used by municipalities to warn citizens of impending severe weather, particularly tornadoes which have earmarked the sirens as "Tornado Sirens". This practice is nearly universal in the Midwest and parts of the Deep South , where intense and fast-moving thunderstorms that can produce tornadoes occur ...

Most homes and buildings are designed to keep sounds out, thus outdoor warning sirens are most useful for alerting people who are outside their home, in parks, or shopping areas. While outdoor sirens are an important part of the overall warning system, they should never be considered your primary means of receiving tornado warnings at home or work.

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