Are there still people playing heroes of the storm?

Caroline Howe asked a question: Are there still people playing heroes of the storm?
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  • Balanced (new 60%+ wr hero every patch, many heroes fallen way out of the meta) Fun/Competitive (Yeah not with the latest Anomaly PLZ revert Tower changes) People are still playing yes you can still get a game, but eventually everyone’s patience with the game will wear thin

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Late in 2018 Blizzard Entertainment all but signed the death warrant of Heroes of the Storm, its MOBA that brings together beloved characters from the Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and Overwatch...

Assuming players on other ranks are as active as master players, there are 60 / 0.01 = 6000 players in SL game at any given time. Let’s say a player plays average of 4 games a day (~2 hours) and SL is playable for 18 hours a day. This puts our daily active SL players to 6k x 18/2 = 54k.

As of September 2018, there were 6.5 million monthly active players. But I assume that you meant to include ' now ' in your question, in which case it is impossible to know as Blizzard doesn't publish that data.

HoTS might not have as many players as it used to, but the game still hosts events and, back in March, got rid of paid loot boxes. Skip to main content PC Gamer THE GLOBAL AUTHORITY ON PC GAMES

We know that Overwatch has around 40 million active players, as announced by Blizzard. Looking at Overwatch's twitter account it has 2.84 million followers. Similarly Heroes' twttter has 497k followers. Cross-referencing the numbers gives an estimate of 7 million Heroes players.

That being the case, it’s wonderful when a player asks a question about statistics — and a developer actually answers the question. Such was this case in a reddit thread where user RazyeLx inquired about player distribution in competitive rankings in Heroes of the Storm. Lead Designer Travis McGeathy arrived to share the current breakdown:

Man I wish more people played this game: PatchYourselfUp: 9: 5/29 7:31AM: All heroes are currently free to play till March 20th: CriticalFury: 5: 3/9 10:25AM: Hogger is the next hero: vagrant: 8: 2/20 5:09PM: Murky's Escape: Interfusor: 8: 10/15 6:07PM

Yes totally agree. Just play and enjoy it! If you’re the bottom 95% of the player base there is lots of enjoyment to be had.

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