Both magnetism and electricity result from which fundamental force?

Deontae Witting asked a question: Both magnetism and electricity result from which fundamental force?
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Explanation: All forces related to magnetism and charge is known as electromagnetic force.

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The unification of electricity and magnetism has led to a deeper understanding of physical science, and much effort has been put into further unifying the four forces of nature. Scientists have demonstrated that the weak force and electromagnetism are part of the same fundamental force, which they call the electroweak force.

Just as electricity, magnetism, and the weak force were unified into the electroweak interaction, they work to unify all of the fundamental forces. The current quantum mechanical interpretation of these forces is that the particles do not interact directly, but rather manifest virtual particles that mediate the actual interactions.

As a consequence of Einstein's theory of special relativity, electricity and magnetism are fundamentally interlinked. Both magnetism lacking electricity, and electricity without magnetism, are inconsistent with special relativity, due to such effects as length contraction, time dilation, and the fact that the magnetic force is

It is convenient to divide forces between charged particles into electric and magnetic components. The relativistic theory of electrodynamics shows that these are manifestations of a single force. The division into electric and magnetic interactions depends on the frame of reference in which particles are observed.

The direction of the magnetic field is indicated by lines. While the electric fields are generated around the particles which obtain electric charge. During this process, positive charges are drawn, while negative charges are repelled. An object with a moving charge always has both magnetic and electric fields. They have some similarities and also have two different fields with the same characteristics.

All forces related to magnetism and charge is known as electromagnetic force. as we know that the force between two charges is given by Coulomb's law which is given as. also we know that force on a moving charge is given as. so whenever there is force related to charge and magnet then it is considered as fundamental force given as

Magnetism is a type of attractive or repulsive force that acts up to certain distance at the speed of light. The distance up to which this attractive or repulsive force acts is called a "magnetic field". Magnetism is caused by the moving electric charges (especially electrons).

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