Buttercrunch lettuce hydroponics what is the ideal air temperature?

Leanna Schroeder asked a question: Buttercrunch lettuce hydroponics what is the ideal air temperature?
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What temperature should hydroponics water be?

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  • In conclusion, our experimental results suggest that increasing hydroponic solution temperature can enhance the growth of butter head lettuce under cooler air temperature conditions. Maximum growth was observed when hydroponic solution temperature was maintained at 71.4 °F.

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It is important to manage the right temperature for your lettuce. They do well in cooler temperatures. It is best to maintain the temperature at around 55 F, at night and at around 75 F, at daytime. Overheating of the lettuce will cause flowering or bolting which will result in a bitter taste.

Germination Soil Temperature: 55–60°F Days for Germination: 7–14 Sow Indoors: 6 weeks before average last frost date. Also in the summer, when it’s too hot for lettuce seeds to germinate outside. Sow Outdoors: 2–4 weeks before average last frost date. Plant successively every 3 weeks until 2 weeks before average first frost date.

It keeps best at 32 degrees with 96% humidity. Avoid storing lettuce with apples, pears or bananas as they release a natural ripening agent that will cause brown spots and the leaves will decay quickly.

A floating hydroponic system was used to study the influence of pond temperature on lettuce growth for 35 days. Pond water temperature setpoints of 17, 24, and 31 °C were used at air temperatures ...

Tips For Growing Lettuce Hydroponically Indoors Lettuce thrives in cooler environments, so it’s best to keep your grow room at or around 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that humidity and airflow are also key factors in growing healthy lettuce and preventing indoor pests like spider mites and aphids.

Ideal Temperature for Lettuce to Grow. The ideal temperature for growth of lettuce plants is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (13 to 18 degrees Celsius). Lettuce is a cool weather crop, so it prefers cooler temperatures for its growth. Lettuce grows best at temperatures of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit can ...

Lettuce needs quite a cool temperature for the germination. The temperature during the pre-germination phase has to be approximately 40 °F. Once the hydroponic lettuce seeds start showing the smallest indications of sprouting, you should maintain the temperatures of about 65°F. Hydroponic lettuce gardening light requirements

Butterhead lettuce grows best in cool to moderate temperatures between 45 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit signal plants to form flowers (bolt), which decreases eating quality.

The ideal temperature for growing lettuce is between 44º F to 64º F. The lettuce growing needs direct sunlight, so be sure to place it in a place where light is constantly predominant. However, it can grow under the shade, which is recommended if you live in very hot climates. What is the pH to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce

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