Can a hydroponics system be completely algae free?

Salvatore Schmidt asked a question: Can a hydroponics system be completely algae free?
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  • Keeping a completely algae free hydroponics system is essentially impossible, and therefore, should not be the goal you’re aiming for. By acknowledging that come amount of algae will be present, the focus of your efforts should be to prevent it from getting out of control and overtaking your system.

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Algae Control. Key Takeaways. Many fans of hydroponics regard this method of growing as a form of weed-free gardening, but that doesn’t mean hydro growers are in the clear where weeds are concerned—we must deal with the dreaded, smelly algae. Fortunately, algae can be prevented using a combination of good gardening practices and completely ...

Small amounts of algae colonizing a hydroponic system are not a threat to plant growth, but algae growth must be kept within reasonable limits. While we often think of algae as being a bright green growth in a nutrient solution or on substrate surfaces, the huge number of algal species means their appearance can be quite diverse.

Over time, the system will stabilize itself, but when systems are young, algae can be very frustrating. The algae that occur in most aquaponic systems and cause the most problems are green algae . If you’ve ever kept a fish tank, a pool, or really anything having to do with water, you’ve seen green algae.

The idea that algae will not grow without available sunlight is now to be tested. The first picture shows the algae before covering, the second picture show the amount of algae after the system has been covered for 5 days. YES it works. There is a marked reduction of alge in the covered system verses the uncovered system.

*The methods listed here are for hydroponic systems. Aquaponic growers should modify the materials and methods used to factor in fish and microbe health. To learn more about fish and aquaponic additives, see the section on Lethal Concentration 50 (LC50) in this post.

Algae growth must be managed to keep the system healthy. This article will explain how to keep your hydroponic system thriving and free from algae. Managing Algae in a Hydroponic System. Knowing that algae can never be eliminated, it is crucial to work on identifying and preventing it as much as possible.

Many hydroponic growers underestimate the serious damage that algae can cause to marijuana. In fact, most of them allow algae to form in the setup, thinking that it’s okay. But the truth is, it is a living organism that steals nutrients and oxygen from the plants. Despite its harmless appearance, algae can grow greedy, leaving nothing for the crop.

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