Can cyclone be man made?

Vergie Bahringer asked a question: Can cyclone be man made?
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A recent surge in the intensity of tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea has brought unprecedented damage and loss of life. Anthropogenic air pollution might be increasing the destructiveness of these storms.

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Man-made cyclones. Ryan L. Sriver 1 Nature volume 479, pages 50–51 (2011)Cite this article

"It's laughable to think it could have been man-made." Other hurricane experts explain that the spate of severe North Atlantic storms in recent years is part of a natural 25- to 30-year cycle.

It is not man made.Yes it is natural. It is not man made.Yes it is natural. It is not man made.Yes it is natural. It is not man made.Yes it is natural. It is not man made.Yes it is natural.

Consequently, it can be deduced that the storm is man-made in nature and was specifically created in order to decimate the island of Fiji for nefarious reasons. Tropical Cyclone Winston is currently boasting winds of 180 MPH and gusts of over 220 MPH which are the equivalent of a Category 5 Hurricane.

Natural disasters are caused by natural phenomena: There are weather related natural disasters, such as tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons, monsoons, with their storm surge flooding accompanying them; atmospheric rivers and flooding; earthquakes and tsunamis; tornadoes, volcanoes and lahars are all examples of natural events that are usually not man-made. Avalanches can be either natural, or man-made.

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The above figure shows how cyclones form. The green arrows show where warm air is rising. The red arrows indicate where cool air is sinking. • Tropical cyclones form only over warm ocean waters near the equator. • To form a cyclone, warm, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface. As this air moves up and away from the ocean surface, it leaves is less air near the surface.

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