Can tornado pick up train?

Jewell Lindgren asked a question: Can tornado pick up train?
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The short version is that in the vast majority of tornadoes (F0 and F1), a train will not be seriously affected. Strong (F2 and F3) tornadoes will derail and probably overturn most trains, and possibly roll them a considerable distance along the ground, but will not pick them up or carry them anywhere.

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Only the largest and most powerful tornados (high end F4s and F5s) can pick up modern locomotives, they're just way too heavy. The major issue in tornado situation isn't being sucked up into it but instead being turned into pulp by flying debris.

June 7 2008. Chicago Hts, IL Working on the railroad in bad weather when a tornado touches down behind my train. My engineer then takes off racing the tor...

*In 1931, a tornado in Minnesota lifted an 83 ton railroad train with 117 passengers and carried it for 80 feet. *The Northern Pacific Railroad's passenger train, the Empire Builder, was derailed...

most tornadoes never get to the f3–5 scale and i could say that a tank(heavy one) would not probably get picked up but a ef 4 or 5 would probably pick it up or at least slide it across the ground anyways the tank would be damaged no matter what way you see it, i mean look at it this way a tornado picked up a whole train 145 cars fully loaded and tossed them about 125 feet so at the end of the day id say yes it probably would be able to.

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Q: How far can an object picked up by a tornado travel? A: Tornadoes have tipped over trains and sucked up cows, but the objects that travel farthest are, not surprisingly, small and light. Image

Incredible up-close footage of a tornado picking up and tossing a car. Don't miss a new episode of Weather Gone Viral Sunday night at 9:00pET.

How much can tornadoes pick up? The strongest can pick up anything from buses, cars, small buildings, houses, and even trains! In the late 1800s, there was a record of a thin EF5 tornado and...

A BNSF train was thrown every which a direction. it was amazing to see those cars flying left and right, it was truly amazing. A tornado can do just about anything to a train it wants. In 1997 when tornadoes struck arkansas, the UP main was in the path of one, and at Arkadelphia, you should have seen what it done to a five pack of intermodal cars.

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