Can tornadoes throw cars?

Brandyn Spencer asked a question: Can tornadoes throw cars?
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Even relatively weak tornadoes can overturn and roll vehicles, and stronger ones can lift them into the air completely and throw them long distances, causing injury and even death to any occupants.

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While cars can be used to get out of the path of a tornado, they are not necessarily safe havens within one. The more violent the tornado, the worse damage it can do to autos. The most intense tornadoes can fling vehicles for hundreds of yards and, as in this example, mangle them into nearly unrecognizeable heaps and wrap them around trees.

How far can a tornado throw a car? Wiki User… See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Cars have been thrown distances of more than 1/4 mile and carried over 1/2 mile. Wiki User. ∙ 2013-06-03 04:21:37 ...

Cows, houses and cars that are caught up in real tornadoes get sucked in and lifted up too, but they never get to the top to be thrown outward. The explanation for the lifting is that the upper layers of liquid swirl faster than the lower layers. As a result there is a low pressure zone above the middle of the swirl.

Choose the correct expressions : Tornadoes can ... a) throw cars b. do a lot of damages c. form only from March to ... B B) C.D C) A.C.D D) A.B.D

Tornadoes toss junkyard cars onto Missouri highway. More. ABC News' Phillip Mena reports from Perryville, Missouri, where cars thrown onto the highway killed one motorist and caused traffic delays ...

Best Answer. Copy. Tornadoes can destroy anything in their path. Some common thingsare houses. Tornadoes can also destroy cars. They can throw themfar. They also can rip up fields or grass areas ...

Remember: It is NOT safe to be in a car during a tornado as tornadoes can lift and even throw cars. You should also avoid overpasses and bridges. You are safer in a low, flat location. 6. Make A Tornado Safety Kit

First tip: Don't get hit.For the rest, check out the video!

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