Can you paint a storm door?

Autumn Kessler asked a question: Can you paint a storm door?
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Lightly spray with an exterior paint in a spray can. Let dry, then re-coat. Several coats work best. Besides Andersen's suggestions, here are a few others: Remove the door and take out the glass panel, if possible.

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The storm door is the first thing people see when they look at your house, so it needs to look good. The easiest way to do that is to simply paint the door. It's always important to prime before...

A metal storm door is purchased for protection against the elements, rather than beauty. As such, it is not always the most pleasant fixture around your home, but that can be rectified by using metal door paint. You can turn your metal storm door from an eyesore to a winner with no more than a weekend's work.

How to Paint a Storm Door: 1 – Prep and Clean the surface of the door. This is an exterior door and likely has dust or other debris on it. Thoroughly cleaning the door will help ensure a good bond for the paint.

Aluminum doors can be easily painted with latex paint. Bear in mind that your aluminum storm door will be exposed to sunlight and painting it a dark color will negate the function of the storm door of providing energy efficiency. It will also make the paint fade away faster. Choose a light shade of paint for your storm door.

Likewise, what kind of paint do you use on a storm door? The three paint options for the door are spray paint, latex or enamel. Spray paints work best on metal doors. For best results, sand and primer your metal door before using spray paint. Latex or enamel paints will give better coverage on wood storm doors, although there are varieties of spray paint that will work well.

If you've ever wondered "Can I paint a storm door?" the answer is yes! Metal and even wooden storm doors are easily painted, allowing you to give a new look to your door without spending a fortune.

Instructions and recommendations for painting your storm door panel are specific to your storm door type and model. If you are unsure of the type or model of storm door you have, please Contact Andersen® Storm Doors. A number of different factors may cause variations in the color, sheen or texture of the paint, and are out of our control. Andersen is not responsible for the accuracy of the color-match to your storm door paint color.

You can never go wrong when starting a paint project with a coat of primer. I painted all of the weather stripping, metal door casing, and the inside casing between the storm door and the front door blue. The only thing I didn't paint was the inside frame of the storm door.

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