Can you put an air purifier on carpet?

Stephon Stanton asked a question: Can you put an air purifier on carpet?
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Choosing the right purifier for your space

Unless you have the power to really move some air. Another thing to consider is surfaces. Textiles like carpet, curtains, and upholstery trap dust and pollutants… The most efficient of HEPA air purifiers consider 2 air exchanges being the most acceptable.

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Of course you can however don’t assume as many do that an air purifier will extract odor or germs etc. etc. out of the carpet. Air purifiers only work with the ambient air within a room. Odor or germs that are in the carpet can only be processed b...

However, since small particles, such as dust and pollen are difficult to see, let’s imagine that it’s snowing outside. Your air purifier is hard at work clearing your room of snow, but with the windows open, more snow continues to enter the room, thus creating a snow carpet that will not disappear.

Try to never walk on your carpet with your shoes and put natural made rugs at the entrances of your home to make sure you don’t touch the carpet. Lastly you should look into a HEPA air cleaner/ purifier to remove all harmful particles that escape the carpet. Look for high quality air cleaner brands such as TRACS or Austin Air Healthmate.

The airflow is the weakest there. By placing an air cleaner in a corner, you keep it from purifying the air properly. Sure, the air quality in that particular corner can be great. Still, the air quality in other spaces might not be as affected as it could be if the air purifier is properly positioned.

The trick with air flow is to place your air purifier far enough from walls and large objects, especially furniture. You need to avoid placing your air purifier in corners, under tables, or under shelves. If you place your air purifier to close to anything that obstructs its vents and airways, it won't suck air and release it effectively.

When you have to put your air purifier near a wall, try to place it in the middle of it rather than in a corner. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this: For best results, an air purifier can be moved. Generally, positioning the air purifier correctly can increase its efficiency up to 20%.

In the bedroom, you can put an air purifier on a windowsill or even on the nightstand. The best air purifier placement would be on the wall. Of course, to suspend it on the wall, you have to elevate and secure it in much the same manner you would hang a painting. In short, keep an air purifier off the floor. 3.

Sealed systems keep clean air and dirty air separate. Keep your air purifier on 24 hours a day; the highest setting is recommended, but it can be quite loud. Turn the machine all the way up when you're not in the room, and turn it down to a lower setting when you're in the room.

Tip #1 – Place the Air Purifier Beside the Source of the Odor. Tip #2 – Keep Coverage Area in Mind. Tip #3 – Avoid Corners & Tight Spaces. Places to Consider Putting Your Air Purifier. Tip #4 – Air Purifiers Work Best Alone. Tip #5 – Use It as a Security Guard. Tip #6 – Keep Away From Small Electronics.

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