Can you survive being sucked into a tornado?

Arch Nikolaus asked a question: Can you survive being sucked into a tornado?
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A Google search shows many reports where people survive being in a tornado. What kills is being hit by debris or the height and sudden impact one falls. You can be thrown 30,000 feet in the air, as long as you have a soft landing, you will live. It is also possible to die by suffocation.

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Sucked into a tornado? Have no fear! Today Brainiacs, we're diving into the center of one of the most powerful natural phenomenons in the world and surviving...

I realized I was alive and did not think I was hurt to badly. Then the debris started falling out of the sky. I thought, oh great, I survived being sucked up into the air in a tornado, now I’m gonna be crushed to death! As the debris fell onto me, I fought and pushed and shoved anything that landed on me trying to get whatever landed on me off.

I would have to say with most certainly, when you remove the debris from the tornado, somebody could survive getting 'sucked up' and thrown a reasonable distance. The most damaging factor of the tornado would be getting slammed back to the ground after the initial launch and then likely dragged across the ground a fair distance.

With its strong updraft, the mesocyclone in a super cell lifts the rolling column of wind into a vertical position and soon, a tornado is born and if you're anywhere nearby, let's just say, your chances of survival are up in the air. If you get sucked into a tornado, you'll be hurled and spun around at the speed of the wind.

What happens if you get sucked into a tornado? It is a myth. There’s a slim chance that you will be snuck into a tornado. Tornadoes generate ferocious winds around it, and before you find yourself in, you will be blasted into the ground, and you’re most likely to die from slamming into big heavy debris.

Have people been sucked into a tornado and survived? Yes, many people have survived being sucked up by a tornado by great luck, or by the grace of God. In fact, I’ve been directly struck by two tornadoes and survived both with little injury! Unfortunately most often though, people are killed. It’s a very violent event.

There is no way you can be sucked into a tornado. The not good news: tornados generate winds strong enough to smack you into solid objects, slam you to the ground, and then puncture and crush your tender body with big, heavy things like cars and pieces of what used to be buildings. What are the odds of surviving a tornado?

No. 8: To keep from being sucked into the tornado, tie yourself to a well pipe, just like they did in the movie "Twister." Myth. It's true that a tornado will probably not unearth a deeply buried ...

8-year-old boy in Alabama survives being sucked into tornado. A tornado rampages through Tuscaloosa, Ala. Wednesday. (Dusty Compton/AP) His house is a pile of rubble and he's in the hospital, but ...

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