Did arkansas get tornadoes?

Brandt Nader asked a question: Did arkansas get tornadoes?
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So far, we have observed three tornadoes in Arkansas during 2021. The yearly tornado average is 33.

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There are usually about 39 tornadoes that strike Arkansas each year, the prominent storm season usually taking place in the springtime and then going on and off again, slowing down in the winter. Arkansas is located in an area known as the Dixie Valley. When is tornado season in Arkansas?

Looking inward, Arkansas has its own tornado alley. Tornadoes in the state primarily follow along interstate 30 and U.S. Highway 67/167. The counties around this path have records of 35 or more tornadoes since 1950! Unfortunately, this spring is forecast to be the most active tornado season Arkansas has seen in years.

The tornado outbreak of January 21–23, 1999 was the largest tornado outbreak on record to occur during the month of January. The outbreak mostly took place across the Mississippi River Valley. Over the course of roughly two days, 127 tornadoes touched down across the region, resulting in widespread damage. Nine people were killed by the tornadoes. The outbreak is best known for an F3 that struck Little Rock, Arkansas, killing three people.

Basically, you're really no more likely to experience "more" tornadoes in Arkansas than what you already experience in Northern Louisiana. Just monitor the weather and have a safe place to go. Reply

In Arkansas, tornadoes are just something we have to deal with. Yes, Arkansas does get tornadoes. Arkansas experienced 45 tornadoes in 2020 with no fatalities. Most tornadoes happen in the Spring, and, in 2020, Arkansas experienced 11 tornadoes in January. In 2020: “The strongest tornado (rated EF3/maximum winds around 140 mph) tracked just ...

While Arkansas is not normally included on maps of the infamous Tornado Alley, which is usually considered to stretch from north Texas northward through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, the state has suffered many devastating tornado outbreaks. In January 1999, Arkansas recorded the most tornadoes on any individual January day in any state (fifty-six on January 21, 1999); the most tornadoes in the month of January; and the largest single outbreak ever to strike the state.

Officials in Arkansas say a tornado ripped through the northeast part of the state and hurt six people in the college town of Jonesboro By The Associated Press March 29, 2020, 2:50 AM

The greatest increase is near cities like Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; Tupelo, Mississippi and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That matches the greatest threat area on Wednesday. CBS News spoke ...

While Arkansas is not normally included on some maps of the infamous “Tornado Alley”, a path known for devastating cyclone activity which is usually considered to stretch from north Texas northward through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, the Natural State has suffered its share of many devastating tornado outbreaks.

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