Do electronics use electricity when off?

Palma Cartwright asked a question: Do electronics use electricity when off?
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A: Even if they are turned off, some electronics can still zap electricity when they are plugged into the wall, according to UW-Madison engineering professor Giri Venkataramanan. “Many devices such as cellphone and laptop chargers will continue to use electricity if they are plugged in,” Venkataramanan said.

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Such as cellphone chargers, computer speakers, any of those electrical devices with a cubed power supply on it. Also any electrical appliances that have a clock, LED, light, or LCD panel on it will also still use electricity while turned off. Such as microwaves, coffee makers, TVs, VCR’s, DVD players, etc.

So if electronic equipment have a circuit being fed all the time even when they are turned off, this means that almost all electronic equipment that we have at home is consuming electricity –...

Plug electronics into power strips, which let you toggle the power flow on and off. This means you can control the power use of clusters of devices so that they’re not consuming electricity when you’re not home. Using a light switch that turns power outlets on and off, if you have one, accomplishes the same end with even less effort.

The annoyance of everything being off when you want to use it + the $23 cost being recouped is not worth it IMHO. The biggest energy draws are on 220V anyway. Use a kettle instead of the stove to boil water, don’t use your dryer or A/C, don’t heat your house with electric are where you are really going to get savings, not through the 10-15W used by your cable modem.

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