Do tankless water heaters require different electricity?

Christ Wilkinson asked a question: Do tankless water heaters require different electricity?
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Tankless water heaters are easy to install and connect to the home electricity supply, and are still between 8–50% more efficient than conventional tank-style water heaters. Natural gas and propane tankless water heaters use minimal electricity, allowing for an efficient and economical hot water supply.

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I live in an off-grid home, and over the years I've had two propane-fueled tankless water heaters that didn't require any electricity. When my last one died, I couldn't find a replacement on the market. I finally threw in the towel and bought a propane-fueled Rinnai water heater that needs to be plugged in to a 120-volt AC outlet.

How much electricity does an electric tankless water heater use? In terms of electricity use, as per the department of energy, if your consumption of water is less than 41 gallons per day, then an electric tankless water heater is 25-38% more efficient than a tank water heater.

Features of 220V/240V tankless water heater. This kind of tankless water heaters is powerful. Therefore, these are suitable for supplying hot water to the whole house. The wattage of this kind of water heater can be from 12 KW to 36 KW. Therefore, these are powerful machines. The maximum flow rate of a 240-volt tankless water heater can be as much as 6 GPM.

An electric tankless water heater most probably will require an upgrade in electric service. A tank water heater with 4,500-watt elements operates on #10 wire and a 30-amp circuit breaker One whole-house tankless water heater has four 7,000-watt elements, for a total electrical load of 28,000 watts.

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