Do tornadoes really sound like trains?

Doug Keebler asked a question: Do tornadoes really sound like trains?
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Depending on the twister and where you're standing, it can sound like a hiss, a buzz, a rumble, or even a freight train… But tornadoes also seem to emit low-frequency sound waves called infrasound that the human ear can't hear.

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A loud roar (similar to a freight train) This is especially useful if you don't live near a railroad. Tornadoes give off a continuous rumble, much like that of a train. Other loud noises come from the velocity of the winds, as well as all the debris the tornado is hurling around and smashing into.

Tornadoes Do tornadoes sound like trains? Wiki User ∙ 2010-12-31 14:42:24 See answer Best Answer Copy Yes they sound like a 1000 freight trains Wiki User ∙ 2010-12-31 14:42:24

Tornado survivors and witnesses often liken the sound of a tornado to that of a freight train—that is, the noise and vibrations of its wheels against the railroad track and ground.

People who survive a tornado say it sounds like a freight train. But calling it a freight train is just a way to explain the unfathomable power to those who haven't experienced it. It's not a...

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Here's our video with original audio of the incredible roar of huge tornado at very close range coming directly at you. Please note that our video film foot...

Originally Answered: Do tornadoes really sound like freight trains? Having been 900 feet from a large tornado, I can tell you that the sound of an intense tornado, up close and personal, is like being in a viewing stand at an air show when several jets fly very low over the stand - at once.

freight train—up to 73 miles (117 km) an hour! Do tornadoes make noise? Yes. The powerful spinning funnel wind often makes a shrill hissing or whistling noise that you can hear for miles around. Some say the sound is like the buzzing of a million bees.

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