Do you hit the ball in fairway bunkers?

Brayan Bailey asked a question: Do you hit the ball in fairway bunkers?
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  • If you dip at all, you’re going to hit behind the ball which you absolutely don’t want in fairway bunkers. You have to be highly skilled to pick it right off the sand. If you take some sand after the ball, you’re giving yourself a little extra margin for error. The last step is committing to the shot.

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How to Hit from a Fairway Bunker Key Challenge:. Use One More Club. You’ll see below that you’ll take steps to try and avoid hitting the ball fat, and in doing so will... Choke Down on your Club. The main pitfall associated with hitting from a fairway bunker is hitting the ball fat and... Don’t Dig ...

How to Hit Fairway Bunker Shots Check Your Lie. Your lie determines almost everything when you’re in a fairway bunker. The better the lie, the more you... Choke Up & Club Up. The key to hitting it solid from fairway bunkers is to choke up one inch. This works because you can... Stand Closer to the ...

Ball position for a fairway bunker shot should be in the center of your stance. This position will allow you to make a solid swing that bottoms out at the proper place and allows you to make ball...

That said, it's generally OK to hit the ball a bit thin from a fairway bunker. Using less club and an easier swing will prevent the ball from sailing far past the target. If there's a large lip in your line, make sure to use a club with enough loft to clear it.

That’s because choking down on the club helps you hit the ball first, before the sand. That’s hugely important — in fact, Plecker says, it’s the most important part of hitting a fairway bunker shot...

If you are a beginner in the game of golf, you probably know the fear of ending up in a bunker…either by the green side or out in the fairway. But have no fear any longer! I am going to share how to hit a bunker shot. And I will go over both kinds of … How To Hit A Bunker Shot – A Beginners GuideRead More

Yes, you can only advance the ball a (relatively) short distance, but something in the game has to be penal. Additionally, a player can still make par from many (but not all) fairway bunkers. As noted above, a player just needs to develop his or her short game. I've saved a lot of pars from fairway bunkers.

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