Do you need to be fitted for fairway woods?

Deondre Greenholt asked a question: Do you need to be fitted for fairway woods?
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When fairway wood shafts get too long, they can throw off the swing weight and make them feel too light, and a shaft that is too short won't be able to produce enough speed to maximize distance… Getting properly fitted is essential to knowing how long your fairway wood shafts should be.

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To be properly fit for a fairway wood you still need to be tested on a launch monitor with a qualified clubfitter. This will help to ensure you are using the right clubs that fit your game. Please call us at the KZG Performance Center in Palm Desert so we can help you get the most out of your clubs and help you can enjoy the game more.

Extensive testing and fitting will help you find the right mix of fairway woods with the proper loft, shaft flex, and lie angle. Even if you buy your clubs online, it’s a smart choice to get fitted. If you’re a high handicapper, you want fairway woods with a low center-of-gravity and a wide sole.

Getting yourself properly fitted for a fairway wood shaft can revolutionist your game. Do yourself a favor, book a session with your club pro or custom fitting expert and test your current set-up to see if it could be optimized. You will learn a lot about your swing mechanics and your game will thank you for it.

Mid-handicap players can go with either hybrids or fairway woods depending on their swing speeds, and single-digit handicap players should go through a “fitting” like we are going to discuss below to understand what their tendencies are with each of these clubs so they can mix and match long irons, hybrids and fairway woods based on the course conditions and other factors.

The USGA allows each golfer to use 14 clubs in their bag. This can include a Driver, fairway woods or hybrids, Irons, wedges and a putter. However, you do not have to have all of these. You are allowed to play with as few clubs as you like. If you are just getting into golf, you should not feel pressured to buy a full set of 14 clubs at once.

Since fairway woods are designed for distance, they’re often equipped with lightweight graphite shafts that increase swing speed; this can only help add yardage to your shot. If steel shafts are favored at all in fairway woods, it tends to be by better players who are looking for slightly more accuracy and by those not worried about distance.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids. Similar to drivers, it’s unlikely you’ll wear out a fairway wood or hybrid head. However, if you use one of these clubs multiple times per round, you might take shaft wear into account after several years. Fairway woods and hybrids have blossomed technologically in the last few years.

It’s actually pretty simple – modern fairway woods are now built with technology very similar to that found in drivers that include thin, flexible clubfaces that increase COR and ball speed ...

Cut a club shorter and the club fitter will likely need to add weight back on to the club head to get the overall weight back to what ‘feels’ right for your individual swing. And while that again can be done on irons it is a very difficult thing for even the best club fitters to do on drivers, fairway woods or hybrids.

For the average height golfer, a shaft length of 43 inches is ideal in regard to a 3-wood. A shaft length of between 40 and 41 inches is suitable for a 5-wood and a 7-wood. Remove the guesswork out of this equation by just having the fairway wood of your choice fitted to suit you.

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