Does a tornado chase you?

Darrick Goodwin asked a question: Does a tornado chase you?
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  • When you’re dreaming about tornadoes and one is chasing you, it could mean a fear of change. You might have a specific situation in mind, or it can be a general fear of the unknown. Regardless, the situation you’re grappling with is right on your heels, refusing to give up.

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The question presented was what does it mean when you dream of a tornado chasing you. My answer answered this. The tornado is a clear symbol - I defined it, and gave further insight as to what effect this particular dream symbol can represent if there was any personal event associated with this.

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In all seriousness, NO ONE should just go out and try to chase tornadoes unless they fully comprehend meteorology, specifically the mechanics of severe weather. You should also understand how to read a radar, such as radial velocity, nautical mile ranges on radars, understand what NEXTRAD is.

Tornadoes are a common and complex dream symbol. The tornado demonstrates emotions in your life, and the swirl of the vortex is related to your inner emotions. If in your dream you were trying to chase the tornadoes, then someone in your life is trying to display power over you. The vortex in the middle of the tornado is associated with life’s ups and downs, and there are many associated meanings to this strong symbol.

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Tornado chasing season is usually over by mid-June. By June 23 they have only one field day left, and Tim is "starting to doubt whether we know what we're doing." And then the Manchester tornado hits.

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