Does filtering cheap vodka make it taste better?

Ottis Runolfsson asked a question: Does filtering cheap vodka make it taste better?
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Yes, it's true, pouring vodka several times through an ordinary water filter like a Brita or Pur can really improve the taste of vodka. A test by America's Test Kitchen showed a marked improvement in flavor, especially when the vodka was used in cocktails or cooking.

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Now, you may be asking, does one filter do the trick? The answer is a hard NO. There have been a lot of trials with both this process and the like-minded Brita …

(In fact, it might be better, as some higher-priced vodkas can have a distinct flavor or sweetness, while cheaper brands won't interfere with the taste of your …

The more you filter, the closer it gets to tasting like top shelf vodka (and the cheaper the vodka, the more filtrations it needs), but according to a vodka …

The filtering removes carbon-based impurities that cause the bad taste. The more you filter, the more impurities are removed, making the vodka taste a little …

With regards to taste, MythBusters has conducted a double-blind taste test with three testers to include Anthony Dias Blue as expert and found that subjectively the filtered vodka did taste progressively better; however,

You've probably heard about it before: filtering cheap vodka through a water filter to make it taste better... But, does it actually work?

To make cheap vodka taste better, try pouring it through a regular water filter, which will filter out oils, sugars, and impurities that can make vodka taste bad. You can also add your cheap vodka to a mixer so you can't taste it as much, like sour mix, pineapple juice, or lemonade.

We are filtering cheap vodka using a Brita filter to see if we can make it taste better. We are filtering cheap vodka using a Brita filter to see …

Cost of vodka: $15 for 750ml Cost of Brita filter: $20 Total cost: $35. Though it’s not the cleanest tasting vodka out there, Skyy is noticeably better than …

As it turns out, per those other intrepid—and presumably hungover—explorers, filtering bad vodka neither saves money nor does much to improve flavor.

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