Does general hydroponics use pgr?

Lyda Kohler asked a question: Does general hydroponics use pgr?
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Many nutrient manufacturing companies that growers trust and give their money to – including General Hydroponics, Dutch Master, Humboldt Nutrients, Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County's Own, Hit Manufacturing, and many others, have included PGRs in their products, and have thereby endangered the health of consumers of ...

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What are PGRs in Hydroponics? Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), also described as nutrients, growth boosters, bloom boosters, vitamins, hormones and bloom enhancers, fall under the definition of an agricultural chemical product, commonly termed pesticides. They are substances that modify the physiology of plants to alter their natural development.

After evaluating the evidence out there, despite concerns for safety it appears that when properly used, PGRs in general seem to have a satisfactory safety record. However, if the wrong type, concentration, equipment, or method of application is not correct, poisoning may well occur in plants, animals, and humans.

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General Hydroponics Aren’t Good Enough For Your Marijuana Plants. Marijuana growers spend a lot of money on hydroponics nutrients because we want big, phat, sugary buds. We see marijuana growers using major hydroponics nutrients brands like General Hydroponics, Canna, House and Garden, Botanicare, and their marijuana plants grow, mature, and ...

Bushload by General Hydroponics; Gravity by Emerald Triangle; Flower Dragon by Grow Envy; Phosphoload by Dutch Master; Superbud by Dutch Master; Rock Juice; Boonta Bud; Rox; Mega Bud; Dr Nodes; Yield Masta/Sudden Impact; In this article, we’re going to focus mostly on Paclobutrazol; the most common PGR used in Australia. PBZ. PBZ is a plant growth retardant.

There is a lack of pretty much any regulation or regulative body on chemicals used in the hobbyist hydroponics industry. This means that most of the nutrient and additive companies don’t have state whether their product contains any PGRs, the quantities contained or specify which PGR it is.

Examples of synthetic PGRs are (to name but a few), Dutchmaster Superbud/Phosphoload, Emerald Triangle Gravity, Emerald Triangle Bushmaster and Gravity, General Hydroponics Dr No (formerly Dr Nodes), Flower Dragon, Canadian Xpress U-Turn/Yield Masta, Cyco Nutrients Cyco Flower, Top Load, Boonta Bud, Rox and Rock Juice.

Bush Load is a super concentrated (0.4% Paclobutrazol) plant growth regulator. Bush Load can be readily absorbed by plant roots and translocated to the active growing points. Application of Bush Load produces a long lasting, uniform growth regulation. Same thing as gravity and bushmaster !!

P/k 13/14 is just that its just extra p/k that is added when the plant needs a big hit of p/k. You could just up your nute strength but that also adds n. And you only use it for a couple of weeks I think between week 4 and 6 of flower as a rough guide. Posted from the OZ Stoners mobile app

If the pH is less than 7, the solution is acid. If the pH is greater than 7 it is alkaline. Because the scale is logarithmic and not linear, a pH of 6 indicates ten times more H protons than a pH of 7, and a pH of 5 indicates 10 times more protons than a pH of 6. Ventilation is often overlooked as a problem.

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