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Hitting driver from the fairway — also known as "hitting driver off the deck" — is a specialized golf shot that you don't see much anymore even among the best golfers, and is a shot that mid- and high-handicappers have a lower chance of pulling off successfully.

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How to effectively hit a driver off the deck | golf tips

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Hitting your driver from the fairway is one of the easiest ways to keep the ball low, which is the critical element of this kind of shot. Unless you are particularly adept at hitting low punch shots with your long irons, playing a shot with your driver in this scenario makes a lot of sense.

In the real game, proper drivers are much bigger than other clubs in the bag. They're designed for tees where the ball is elevated, hence they have a sweet spot in the upper part of the club. Try to play such a driver off the fairway in real life, and the ball will at best bump and roll for about 100 yards.

Specifically, you can use your driver when in the fairway to hit powerful shots that may travel further than the shots you could hit with your fairway woods or long irons. To be sure, hitting the driver from the fairway is a significant challenge, but it is certainly not impossible.

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How many times have you played / attempted this? After my stunning 30 yard drive on Saturday, I thought “Sod this! I’ll not bother putting the headcover back on and take another swipe!†, low and behold my driver from the fairway wasn’t so shabby after all. Only left me with a 50 yard...

Some players will be more comfortable with a driver off the tee, and others more comfortable with a fairway wood. A lot of it depends on club-fitting, too, but here are a few things to consider ...

In the first round of the 2011 Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Bubba Watson uses a driver off the deck on par-5 18th at Kapalua to get on the green in two, ...

Read below or check out the video above for five keys for hitting a driver off the tee. 1. Tee height. Before you even think about your swing, you need to tee the ball up. This might seem simple ...

Watson's pink driver head snapped at impact. Watson was able to not only control his swing and put his ball into the fairway, but also hit it 295 yards and he made birdie on the hole, his 11th of...

The driver is one of the most intimidating clubs in the bag, particularly because many amateurs swing too violently with the driver in an attempt to gain more distance. Renowned instructor Butch Harmon, who teaches many PGA Tour pros, recommends in the book “Breaking 100, 90, 80” that players struggling with the driver should switch to a fairway wood off the tee--a 3-wood or 4-wood.

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For example:Driver - top spin Fairways woods – side spinIrons – back... Question I received reads:For each club, you are supposed to put different spin on them.

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