Epic flash fairway wood review?

Maxwell Swaniawski asked a question: Epic flash fairway wood review?
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Video answer: Callaway epic flash fairway woods review | standard & sub zero

Callaway epic flash fairway woods review | standard & sub zero

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Regardless of the swing, both in terms of speed and path, the results were consistent – excellent forgiveness and wonderful ball flight. In the bag or in your hands, the Epic Flash Fairway is a great looking club that offers performance for golfers across the swing spectrum.

Video answer: Callaway epic flash 3 wood review

Callaway epic flash 3 wood review

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In testing it was delivering a higher level of ball speed, but really fairways are more about accuracy than distance. In this respect the Epic Flash fairway was very good, providing a solid sound and feel with a mid trajectory. I found it very easy to launch off the fairway and it felt a bit more alive than the original Epic fairway.

The Epic Flash fairway woods are very forgiving and almost identical with swing speeds, whereas the flash sub zero fairway is an advanced model. It is made by Jailbreak and Flash Face Technologies in line with Callaway’s claims. It uses two internal bars to stabilize the crown for greater speed.

The Epic Flash is one of the best looking fairway woods I’ve seen this year. At address, the head has a wonderfully balanced roundness that sets itself up square on the turf. The gloss black crown reveals a carbon fiber weave in the back third when it catches the light just right.

Here comes the most important segment of this review. Our experts have tested the epic flash fairway wood in front of a launch monitor and played quite a few strokes to see the consistency and accuracy. As simulators are not 100% accurate all the time. The average result is as mentioned in the picture earlier.

Callaway's new Epic Flash fairway wood replaces the brand's 2017 Epic fairway wood, and features the same technology in the brand new Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero drivers. RELATED: Callaway's 2021 Epic woods reviewed and tested. Callaway took insights from using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning to develop the new Flash Face ...

Callaway Epic fairway woods review. Last year’s Mavrik was my gamer all season so I was keen to see what’s different in the new Epic offerings. I put the new Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max head to head against my current to find out. Watch the video here, or over on our YouTube channel.

Description. Golf Digest 2019 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! Epic Flash Fairway Woods feature groundbreaking new Flash Face Technology to help golfers of every level and swing speed get more ball speed and distance. Wrench is not included. Select & Buy. Project X Shaft Flex Guide: 5.0 = Light/Senior | 5.5 = Regular | 6.0 = Stiff | 6.5 = Extra Stiff.

Testers noted the club’s exceptional looks and feel and specifically noted the appealing design of the carbon fiber crown. Featuring both Callaway’s proprietary Jailbreak and Flash Face technology, the EPIC Flash and EPIC Flash Sub Zero fairway woods were top picks among those tested in 2019.

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Video answer: Callaway epic flash 3 wood review

Callaway epic flash 3 wood review