Fairway closing stamford?

Gilda Considine asked a question: Fairway closing stamford?
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They now plan to close the Stamford store around Aug. 20. "Fairway has been searching for a replacement operator since their January bankruptcy filing," Madden said in an email to Patch. "They have not been able to find a replacement operator and are now closing down their operations on or around Aug.

21, 2020 of the Fairway Market grocery store at 699 Canal St., in Stamford, Conn., which has now shut down. STAMFORD — The bankrupt Fairway Market has shut down its grocery and beverage stores in the city's South End.

  • Fairway Market officials said in a letter to the state department of labor, dated June 19, 2020, that plant closings have been postponed at its Stamford stores. (David Allen/Patch)
  • STAMFORD, CT — Signs indicating Fairway Market will be closing and "everything is on sale" have been posted at the Canal Street store and adjacent wine and spirit shop, and city officials have indicated the store will be closing down this month after more than half a year of speculation and warnings.

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