Feeling electricity when plugged in?

Gerardo Feeney asked a question: Feeling electricity when plugged in?
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  • Eva’s response: Feeling an electric current in your body is actually quite a common symptom of anxiety. It happens because you are tired, stressed and depleted at all levels: mind, body, spirit, emotionally.

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Strange vibration felt through fingertips when plugged in. In all my years of working in IT, I've never encountered this. It seems when I rub my fingertips on the lid of the MacBook Pro (only two months old) when the power adapter is plugged in, my fingers feel this weird sensation of vibration -- as though they were brushing against rubber.

Some of us have had the unpleasant experience of getting shocked by our laptop or better yet a tingling sensation caused by small jolts of current coursing through your body. This mostly happens when your laptop is plugged in and it has to have a metal-based casing. You might even be getting shocked from touching the tip of your charger.

Whether your MacBook Pro is new or old, it’s possible that when plugged into a power outlet, you may feel an electrical tingling sensation in your hands. This means that the MacBook device is not properly grounded, and electricity is using you as a route to the ground.

Some of our users reported about slight current shock or sensation of current on their laptops when they are using them while they are plugged to the power port for charging, this happens not only with a single brand laptop as it happens across a wide range of laptops including premium brands like apple, sony and dell etc.

2. level 1. TickleMyElmos. · 4y. SB PB 16GB/512GB. This is normal if the machine feels almost like it has "static" on it while it is plugged in. A lot of metallic bodied computers will have that. I know that both my MacBooks, my Surface Pro 4, and my Surface Book with Performance Base have all exhibited this feeling. 2.

Couldn't wait to unbox it and set it up. Plugged it in to charge, deployed the kickstand, clicked in the Type Cover, and placed it on my lap. So far so normal, right? Nope. Instantly, where the edge of the kickstand touched my lap, I felt what seemed like angry ant bites, one after another. Electric shocks, all concentrated at one point on my skin.

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