Game where you manage a spaceship?

Susana Erdman asked a question: Game where you manage a spaceship?
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Video answer: Stellarhub - (space station management game)

Stellarhub - (space station management game)

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FTL is "a spaceship simulation real-time roguelike-like", according to its website.

Video answer: Deep space d-6 - solitaire spaceship board game

Deep space d-6 - solitaire spaceship board game

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Star Command is a space ship-simulation-adventure game where you build an interstellar starship of your own unique image. You choose the colors, the hull types, the size and most importantly, who...

A real-time tactics game about giant spaceships clashing in the Warhammer 40,0000 universe. Battles take place on a 2D plane populated by capture points and asteroid fields, and the ships handle...

March 3, 2017 - ArtemD SYMMETRY is a time-management survival game set in a postapocalyptic world. Your main goal is to manage the survivors and help them withstand the desolate, extremely cold environment in order to fix the spacecraft and escape.

Spaceship Games. Play Spaceship Games on MiniGames. Command your spaceship throughout the galaxies and bring glory to your homeland. Play now! Intergalactic Battleship. Place your battleships on the grid first and then click on the enemy's grid to locate and destroy hi... 392 45. Spaceship Survival Shooter.

About This Game Starship Corporation is a starship-building simulation game in which you must design and build spaceships for a hugely demanding galaxy-wide market. It is you who must decide which technologies to invest in first, where to open new shipyards and where to establish new markets.

Below is my Top 10 list of games involving combat onboard a starship, sace ship, space hulk (whatever you want to call it). These are games that meet all of the following criteria: (1) focuses on space/star ship boarding combat (preferably with a map of the ship used as the board); (2) has boarding parties combating aliens or other teams as a primary feature of the game (i.e., not just one ...

In Istrolid you design your own unique spaceships from a large number of parts to fit your strategy and play style. With no set units or factions you are free to create a fleet where each ship has its own balanced strengths and weaknesses, from basic fighters and bombers to hulking battleships and speedy destroyers. Lander: 1999 Psygnosis Psygnosis

Unlike the popular survival game intro where your plane crashes on some island, Subnautica starts with your massive interstellar spaceship crashing into a water-based planet.

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Video answer: Kerbal space program let's play part 4 - moon landing

Kerbal space program let's play part 4 - moon landing