Gas fireplace inserts near me?



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How to install a gas fireplace insert


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♻️ Electric fireplace inserts?

36 in. Electric Fireplace Insert with Overheating Protection 750-Watt/1500-Watt, Black. Model# VHEF33-HD $ 379 99 /piece. New. Clihome Flame 72 in. Wall-Mounted Automatic Constant Temperature Electric Fireplace Insert. Model# EF72R $ 793 79 /box. Gorgeous Flame 27 in. Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control.

♻️ Do gas fireplace inserts need electricity?

Do Fireplace Inserts Need Electricity? Simple wood burning fireplace inserts and some gas log inserts may not require household electricity (110vac). However, if a blower (fan) is wanted then the fireplace insert would require a cord to be run to a nearby outlet in the room.

♻️ Do gas fireplace inserts need electricity to clean?

Before the fireplace insert can be installed, your chimney will need to be cleaned, inspected, and lined with a flue liner that will be connected to the fireplace insert. Then, depending on the type of insert you purchased, the fireplace insert may need to be connected to your home’s electricity or your gas line.

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Best gas fireplace insert

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The average cost to install a fireplace in your home is roughly $400, though some professionals charge as much as $1,500 for fireplace and chimney installation. The type of fireplace you want (gas-burning, wood-burning, electric, etc.) will impact your cost. Let a fireplace installation professional know what type of fireplace you want to ...

Fireplaces & Inserts. For over 30 years Hearth and Patio has been providing the highest quality Fireplaces and Inserts available on the market. A very knowledgeable staff is waiting to help you with any questions you may have for a new fireplace or giving your existing fireplace a new look. Currently, Hearth and Patio offers gas, wood and ...

High Quality Fireplaces Bellevue Washington. A fireplace offers warmth, comfort, and elegance becoming the centerpiece of your room or home. Since 1959, the Bellevue Fireplace Shop has offered Washington the best value on quality fireplace glass doors and screens, gas inserts, gas fireplaces, gas logs and bar-b-ques.

The Fireplace Guys converted our wood burning fireplace to a gas insert and placed tile over the existing brick. They were on time, courteous, considerate and very skilled at this type of work, keeping my husband and me apprised of the progress on the project. Clearly they have been well trained technically and personally.

Fireplace Remodeling. Gas Inserts; Wood Inserts; Gas Log Sets; Electric Log Sets; Mantels and Media Storage. Mantel Entertainment Packages; Inspiration. Gallery; Fireplace Design Studio; Learn. Categories. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces; Vent Free Gas Fireplaces; Built-in Electric Fireplaces; Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces; Gas Fireplace Inserts ...

36 in. Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert The ClassicFlame PRO 36 in. traditional built-in The ClassicFlame PRO 36 in. traditional built-in electric fireplace insert, 120-Volt, is designed as an alternative to a wood burning fireplace and provides a beautiful and affordable substitute for a gas insert and features a traditional log set. . The insert comes with a multifunction ...

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How to measure for replacement storm door inserts?

Experts show how to measure your entry door to ensure you get the best fit. They walk you through two situations: door slab and pre-hung door unit measuring ...

Electric fireplace costco?

Muskoka Crawford 96.5 cm (38 in.) Infrared Media Mantel Electric Fireplace Compact size is perfect for smaller spaces ; 5115 BTU provides supplemental heat up to 92.9 m² (1,000 ft²)

How much electricity electric fireplace?

Based on the national average kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate of 12 cents, a 1,500-watt electric fireplace will cost around 18 cents per hour with all settings at maximum.

Do electric fireplace use much electricity?

A 1500W electric fireplace that uses a conventional fan space heater will use 1.5kW of electricity every hour, which equates to 1.5kWh. Therefore a higher wattage electric fireplace will use more electricity than a lower wattage one, but will be able to generate more heat.

Does a gas fireplace need electricity?

Gas fireplaces are a form of fireplace that traditionally didn’t typically need a source of electricity in order to work. Although gas fireplaces need a spark in order to start the pilot light and flames, in the majority of cases gas fireplaces traditionally had their own standalone ignition system that didn’t need an electrical supply.

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How to buy a gas fireplace insert Does a propane fireplace need electricity?

These fireplaces do not require electricity for venting and can be used safely during a power outage. So if you are in a power outage and you have a gas fireplace, go ahead and turn it on – it will act as a great source of heat for your home while many furnaces and other electricity regulated heating sources no longer work.

Does electric fireplace use much electricity?

Electric fireplaces are safer to install and better for the environment than gas fires, but do electric fireplaces use up a lot of electricity, and do they cost a lot to run? Our electric fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient, they are built to have 2 heat settings for convenience and also to save energy.

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Difference between a gas insert and a gas fireplace Does fireplace blower use more electricity?

Yes, you can run your fireplace without a blower. Since the blower is on the unit's exterior, it does not affect the unit’s fuel efficiency or drafting. It is a tool to help circulate the heat and provide warmth further into the home.

Does my gas fireplace use electricity?

Gas Fireplace Monthly Cost. As with electric fireplaces, all you need to calculate the monthly cost of your gas fireplace is your hourly cost and the number of hours you use it per month. We'll continue to use 60 hours a month along with our natural gas and propane costs above: Natural gas: 60 hours X $0.48 per hour = $28.80 per month

Electric fireplace are they energy efficient?

They offer many advantages over the traditional fireplace, but what you may not know is how energy efficient they can be! If you want to learn more about electric fireplaces and their benefits, continue reading below for our in-depth guide on how the energy efficiency of electric fireplaces works.

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How to install a gas fireplace insert Electric fireplace will not power on?

Not to fret, electric fireplaces are fairly straightforward devices and there's probably a logical reason the heat or flames may not be working. Here are some typical problems and solutions to check if your unit isn't working properly. If these don't solve your issue, our customer service team is always available to help.

Gas fireplace when electricity goes out?

Newer models of gas fireplaces have an electric ignition switch and other bonus features that will require a battery backup if the power goes out. Some older models have a standing pilot, which does not require electricity to be lit. To run the blower fan, plug it into an external battery power bank.

How much energy electric fireplace use?

Based on the national average kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate of 12 cents, a 1,500-watt electric fireplace will cost around 18 cents per hour with all settings at maximum.

Is an electric fireplace worth it?

When it comes to electric fireplace safety, a huge benefit is that they do not emit any harmful gases and fumes such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric fireplaces leave a much smaller carbon footprint because no harmful or lethal gases and toxins are released into the environment.

My electric fireplace keeps shutting off?

I noticed that my electric fireplace was shutting off periodically so I did some research into the possible reasons why. Why does an electric fireplace shut off? An electric fireplace can automatically shut off when: The unit has overheated Airflow into the fireplace is restricted The temperature setting has been reached The heater outlet is blocked The heater element is dirty or dusty Incorrect bulbs are used. There are a number of reasons why an electric fireplace would shut off, some more ...

What energy conversion is a fireplace?

A fireplace doesn't do much... it is just a solid, primarily made of brick and steel. However, if you actually burn a fire in a fireplace, you are doing a chemical change on the matter.__________The simple version is, if something is burning in the fireplace, chemical energy is being converted into thermal energy via combustion.Chemical energy -> Combustion -> Thermal energy

What is a gas assist fireplace?

A woodburning fireplace with a gas burner. Load it with firewood, and light the gas burner to get it started, When burning well, turn off the gas.

Will gas fireplace work without electricity?

Gas fireplaces have changed a lot over the years, and two main kinds will work without electricity. Still, the process for getting them started in a power outage will be different. If you have a more recent model , you will most likely have an intermittent pilot ignition valve system, whereas older models tend to have standing pilot lights.

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How to choose or buy a gas fireplace, which one is best? Will propane fireplace work without electricity?

Most ventless fireplaces are powered by natural gas, propane, electricity, or alcohol-based gels. Also asked, can you run a gas fireplace when power is out? There is no danger to continuously running a gas fireplace during a power outage. The blower that would normally turn on with the fireplace needs electricity to work.

What are the benefits to having an electric fire fireplace versus a gas fire fireplace?

An electric fireplace has a reduced risk of fire as well as they are more energy efficient. It is more difficult to burn oneself on an electric fire fireplace as well.

Can a gas fireplace light without electricity?

Some gas fireplaces will work without electricity. Many intermittent pilot ignition valve systems come with a backup battery-powered ignition system and you can turn these fireplaces on during a power outage. If you have a standing pilot light system, you may have to start the pilot light manually. This article will discuss whether you can rely on a gas fireplace in a power outage.

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Should i buy a gas log set or gas insert