Gentle typhoons alternatives for radiator cooling?

America Sawayn asked a question: Gentle typhoons alternatives for radiator cooling?
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Re: Gentle Typhoons alternatives for radiator cooling?

  • Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B5AP 120mm 1850 rpm…
  • DarkSide Gentle Typhoon Performance Radiator Fan (550-1850rpm) 58cfm - Black Edition PWM…
  • Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-1 800rpms or Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-2 12000rpms…
  • Be Quiet!

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The Corsair User Forums > Corsair Product Discussion > Cooling: Any better fans than the Gentle Typhoons for the H100?

The F12 iPPC-3000, Scythe Slip Stream, Corsair ML Pro, and Gentle Typhoons in particular interest me, though there are a lot of good performers in the top of the chart. My Arctic Freezer 360 is coming in Friday, and it has 6 Arctic F12 PWM fans, which seem like a good balance of noise and airflow for an open-air build.

Also take into account that the Corsair (Hardware Labs) radiators are super efficient, so they work really well with fans ran at low RPM. When i got rid of my corsair cooling gear, i replaced all the HD120 with Vardar X3M fans, that have this long sweep profile like noctuas NF-A12 or Scythe Gentle Typhoons that are also popular on rads.

In terms of bearing design, the B-gears B-Blaster 140mm fans come closest, as they utilize a double ball bearing design like the Gentle Typhoons. Therefore, sound signature should be similar. I would recommend also looking at Noctua fans, as they have a really good reputation. Silverstone Air Penetrator seems to get recommended a bit.

I would suggest you look at the true successor to the GT, the Noctua A12x25 (140mm coming and black color also) and if your on budget, the Artic BionIX P/F 120 (also comes in 140 variant too). I would not buy the Varder nor Gentle Typhoon at this point. The difference between the Noctua and the Artic is that the Artic is not as quiet as the Noctua.

Where these really shine is in high-restriction environments (static pressure, radiators). The low turbulence continues, keeping things nice and quiet, and the quantity and velocity of air, even though a rad is remarkable. 1 of these in Pull, is more effective and quieter than 2 Corsair SP120s in Push/Pull on the same rad.

Cooling: Custom Loop. Two 360ies + 280 rad. 8x Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoons. EK-Quantum Momentum monoblock. Memory: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz 15-15-15-36 CR1[16-18-18-32-50;[email protected]]] Video Card(s) ASUS 1080 Ti FE + water block: Storage: Optane 900P + Samsung PM981 NVMe 1TB + 750 EVO 500GB: Display(s) Philips PHL BDM3270: Case

Gentle Typhoon Performance Radiator Fan - 1150rpm, 37cfm - Black Edition quantity. Add to cart… The GentleTyphoon achieves high airflow volume and low noise with special 9-blade impeller, enabling silent cooling of the latest devices which run very hot. Silent Operation:

A lot of people think that Gentle Typhoons are the best fans out there, but there are loads of alternatives. For example the Akasa Viper: It has 83.63 CFM at 28.9 dB, which is better and more quiet than your 38 mm Panaflo. It is my experience, that 38 mm fans tend to be louder than 25 mm fans.

Zalman ZM-F3 - The shocker of the whole group. Really, it came out of left-field. No fluke here either, Cathar got nearly identical results. No extraneous noise, magic-scaling above ~1600RPM, does well on a radiator, a mere $10 and available nearly everywhere and just overall great performance.

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