Gifts for those who like astronomy?

Brooks Hand asked a question: Gifts for those who like astronomy?
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  • 1. The Space & Beyond Box: $49/single box. What would it be like to have an astronomer do your personal shopping? The result would be something like ...
  • 2. Galactic Tidal Star Streams Print: $15.99.
  • 3. The Planet Mug: $15.95.
  • 4. 2020 Deep Space Mysteries Calendar: $12.99.
  • 5. Moon Hat: $15.95.

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Solar System Bracelet Wear all eight planets, plus golden stars right on your wrist. This astronomy bracelet is the perfect gift for students, teachers, and anybody else who loves space. It's handmade and features an adjustable size from 7 to 11".

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From astronomy gadgets to nifty space-related toys and memorabilia, this is our wish list for lovers of all things astronomy. For more astronomy gifts and gadgets, from memorabilia and toys to accessories that will assist your practical observing, pick up a copy of BBC Sky at Night Magazine every month and flick to the back page for our Gear section.

We talked to astronomers about the best gifts for space enthusiasts, including telescopes, binoculars, books, puzzles, clothing, jewelry, and more.

Space is a wild place, so it’s only fitting that gifts for those obsessed with the larger galaxy run the gamut from informative and useful to zany and fun. These 22 will surprise and delight...

My two books, Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive, Beyond the Galaxy: How humanity looked beyond our Milky Way and discovered the entire Universe, are available for ...

Auction houses periodically sell off oddities from space history, like this android that was originally designed to help NASA test space suits in the 1960s. A Trip To Suborbital Space Blue Origin...

The result would be something like the Space & Beyond Box. This subscription box, curated by the minds at Astronomy magazine, is the ultimate gift for people who love space. Each Space & Beyond Box...

Give dad the ultimate gift for people who love outer space and surprises: The Space & Beyond Box. The expertly curated subscription box comes from the makers of Astronomy magazine. Each installment...

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