Goa in monsoon season. is it worth visiting?

Anahi Zieme asked a question: Goa in monsoon season. is it worth visiting?
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The advantages of visiting Goa in monsoon season:

Green, beautiful scenery, a great time to explore the countryside by motorbike, See a more local side of life. Less Crowds and have some of the beaches all to yourself. The storms and rains can be quite dramatic and amazing to watch.

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It rains for hours straight sometimes, but then it can clear up and allow for a nice, hot day. Many Indians prefer to come to Goa on vacation in monsoon season so you’ll still have a fairly large amount of tourists, although typically they chill around Baga, Calangute, and Candolim.

Tourists generally prefer visiting Goa during winters, or during summer vacations. Therefore, visiting Goa during the monsoon would mean an off-season visit. So you wouldn't be bothered by crowds of people everywhere, which means you can go partying in bars and club hopping in Goa, without being worried about the said places being full. 3.

It’s particularly picturesque during monsoon time from June to September. Nature flourishes, the rain brings refreshment and romance, and Goa takes on a more traditional flavor. Travel to Goa during the monsoon and you'll be able to experience it the local Goan way. Most of the party crowd has gone.

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Monsoons from June to September are another great time to visit Goa if you love the beach during rains. Summer is not a good time to visit Goa. With the temperature fluctuating between 25 to 35 degrees Celcius, the weather from March to May is extremely hot and humid.

Goa is a beautiful state with many tourist attractions and natural sites can be seen on a bike tour of Goa in the monsoon season. Cycling tours can be held in the Divar and Chorao Islands, Old Goa, Anjuna Beach area, Nerul Creek, Miramar, and Konkan Belt.

Yes, if you want to witness the lush green and the enhanced beauty of Goa during monsoon then you can surely plan a visit during this season. Where should I stay in Goa during monsoon? You can book a stay near Anjuna, Vagator, and Arambol during monsoon for a perfect experience.

Goa is superb and very happening in winters i.e December January around Xmas and New year time. Monsoon is not good time to visit Goa but it has other positive sides too. Its off season so Goa will be less crowded and will be comparatively cheaper. If you love rains you will enjoy lot riding a bike on roads of Goa while getting drenched.

In summary, if you are considering visiting Goa during the monsoon season, you can do so, but choose one of the popular Goa beaches listed above and a month with more sunny days. i.e the beginning of June, August or September. Goa in the rainy season is

The disadvantages of visiting Goa in monsoon season: Weather can be unpredictable, rain is likely and weather is often not great for lazing on the beach Many places shut outside the main tourist season meaning that there is not so much variety of accommodation, restaurant, shopping and partying options available and the markets are not open either.

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