How can i get free electricity tokens?

Yoshiko Boehm asked a question: How can i get free electricity tokens?
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Free Basic Electricity (FBE) tokens

They do not have to venture out to shops during the lockdown period to get their FBE token, helping to protect them from unnecessary exposure to Covid-19. Recipients of FBE tokens simply dial *130*869# to receive the electricity that is due to them.

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It should be noted, that the way to PLN free electricity tokens the July-December 2021 period can be done via a smartphone or cellphone. This program has been authorized and justified by the PLN.

Here’s how to claim a free PLN electricity token discount via a smartphone: Download the PLN Mobile application via playstore or app-store. Open the PLN Mobile application and select Stimulus info Enter the meter number/customer ID in the column provided then click send

Customers can now procure STS prepaid tokens (20 digit numbers) using your payment gateway for any desired quantity of water, electricity or gas and enter them into the meters. The image below shows the workflow for current users obtaining tokens from a the power generation utility in Kenya and making payment via MPESA . How tokens are procured. Note the 20 digit prepaid token. In the next series of this blog, we shall explain the technical aspects of generating an STS compliant prepaid ...

30th April 2020 Back in 2003 Eskom launched Free Basic Electricity (FBE) tokens to support indigent households, and today a duo of Blue Label Telecoms subsidiaries have announced a contactless way...

With the extension of the PLN stimulus program, the public can get free electricity token discounts until September 2021. Free electricity token discounts can be obtained with an electricity token discount number obtained online through the official website of the PLN stimulus program. Also Read: Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic, Guntur Soekarnoputra Advises Soekarno’s ‘Ambeg Parama Arta’ to Jokowi, what is it? Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said that the government is targeting the ...

Recipients of FBE tokens simply dial *130*869# to receive the electricity that is due to them. Please note that municipalities may have different criteria for qualification for the Indigent and/or FBE tariff. If you can’t complete the transaction, make enquiries to your specific utility or municipality.

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