How do bases in antarctica get powered with electricity?

Korey Heathcote asked a question: How do bases in antarctica get powered with electricity?
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  • In general, the power in Antarctica has been supplied almost entirely using diesel generators. I am most familiar with the Australian stations. Wind generation is used at Mawson, as a supplement to the diesel generators, and waste heat from the generators is used for heating the stations.

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How do military bases get electricity? The military has long relied on standalone generators with short-term fuel stockpiles to provide emergency backup power for buildings with “critical loads”—functions related to housing, life safety and health, public safety, communications, environmental systems, and critical mission support.

The only people who live in Antarctica are scientists on the bases, and the members of an occasional expedition. They all wear warm clothes and their bases are heated, probably with diesel ...

The station saves more energy by using untreated sea water to flush toilets. Increased energy efficiency comes from upgrading equipment, such as the latest fuel-injection systems in the Halley CHP plant, and the engine replacements being carried out in smaller stations this year.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, McMurdo Staion, the largest research base in the Antarctic, was powered by a medium-sized, portable nuclear reactor. [1] The extreme temperatures in Antarctica necessitated large amounts of fuel oil to maintain operations, making the prospect of nuclear power, an attractive alternative. [1]

Usually provided by diesel powered generators at each base, but increasingly stations are installing wind turbines to generate supplementary electricity. This makes sense as Antarctica is the windiest place on earth, but poses a problem in case the strong winds damage the wind turbines.

The sun has disappeared, the temperatures plummet and then the power needed to provide heat, light and water for the base fails… You’re the base commander at Halley Research Station in Antarctica.

A number of governments have set up permanent research stations in Antarctica and these bases are widely distributed. Unlike the drifting ice stations set up in the Arctic, the Research stations of the Antarctic are constructed either on rock or on ice that is (for practical purposes) fixed in place. Many of the stations are staffed around the year.

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