How do storm surges affect human life?

Pablo Huels asked a question: How do storm surges affect human life?
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Storm surge is the rising of the sea level due to the low pressure, high winds, and high waves associated with a hurricane as it makes landfall. The storm surge can cause significant flooding and cost people their lives if they're caught unexpected… This piling up contributes to most of the coastal flooding.

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SHOW ANSWER. With sporadic storm surges in an area that's already tropical and moist means excessive moisture in the air, making it hard with those with breathing disorders to live, flooding, high winds due to low elevation. These factors could make it hard to walk, drive and bike ride to your destinations. Thanks.

Storm surge can extend for dozens of miles inland, filling buildings with water quickly, making roads impassable, and causing people to drown in their cars or homes. Also, the accumulated weight of water—some 1,700 pounds per cubic yard— can demolish any structure not specifically designed to withstand such force

It can affect the human life in Florida when the sea levels rise dramatically during a storm sending a wall of water gushing over land. It can influence the human life in Florida when the ocean levels rise significantly amid a tempest sending a surge of water spouting over land. Great breezes aren't the main destructive power amid a hurricane.

Correct answer - Explain how storm surges can affect human life in florida. use complete sentences.

How do tropical storms affect people’s lives? The immediate effects of strong winds, high rainfall and storm surges . Buildings and bridges can be destroyed, people can get into difficulties in the water, and roads and railways can become damaged.

According to The National Hurricane Center, a storm surge is often the greatest threat to life and property from a hurricane. A storm surge occurs when a storm generates a rise of water ...

Though wind effects are severe, overwash can be more damaging causing coastal erosion, loss of recreational facilities, decreased water quality, damage to infrastructure, interruption of power and communication networks, human injury, and loss of life. Secondary effects can be equally damaging, causing landslides and other instabilities, and increased turbidity of nearshore waters which has negative effects on coastal ecosystems.

The biggest threat to human life during a hurricane is often the storm surge, which occurs when sea level rises dramatically during a storm, sending a wall of water gushing over land. Forecasters...

Vocabulary. A storm surge is a rise in sea level that occurs during tropical cyclones, intense storms also known as typhoon s or hurricanes. The storms produce strong winds that push the water into shore, which can lead to flooding. This makes storm surges very dangerous for coastal regions.

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