How do tropical cyclones affect animals?

Bartholome Erdman asked a question: How do tropical cyclones affect animals?
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Hurricanes can cause tree loss, and if enough damage is done, many nesting sites and food sources for birds and mammals are destroyed. Even if animals are able to escape injury from a hurricane, they are often forced into environments they are not used to, becoming disoriented.

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Climate change may affect tropical cyclones in a variety of ways: an intensification of rainfall and wind speed, a decrease in overall frequency, an increase in frequency of very intense storms and a poleward extension of where the cyclones reach maximum intensity are among the possible consequences of human-induced...

The immediate effects of tropical cyclones can appear devastating, although the effects on organisms are often patchy and complex, both immediate and long term (Lugo et al. 2000). Branching corals and sponges are damaged by strong wave action, and even more massive corals can be transported by storm waves (Woodley et al. 1981).

Tropical cyclones poses threat to life and property even in the formative stages of their development. Different hazards that can individually cause significant impacts on life and property ...

The primary cause of cyclone-related mortality is drowning; in developed countries male gender was associated with increased mortality risk, whereas females experienced higher mortality in less developed countries. Conclusions. Additional attention to preparedness and early warning, particularly in Asia, can lessen the impact of future cyclones.

The cyclone's strong winds can rip the roof of a house or destroy it entirely. It can send flying debris into houses. Any objects that have not been tied down will get sent flying most likely never to be found again. Flooding caused by the cyclone can cause still water in places where it shouldn't be which causes disease.

Some more than others. With a tropical cyclone comes loss, destruction and economic break downs. Loss of crops, animals, estate, farm land and homes can cost millions of dollars to repair if one has insurance. Here are some impacts of a tropical cyclone: loss of crops, farm land, estate or housing; this can have a major effect on the society, ...

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