How do you get a job at nasa?

Adrian Frami asked a question: How do you get a job at nasa?
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  • One of the best ways to get a job at NASA is to first work as an intern. There are many internships both working for NASA itself and for contractors that work for NASA. Many of these are paid positions and actually can pay very competitively…read more than you can make a most other internships or McDonald’s.

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If you are a civilian, you will apply to become an Astronaut Candidate by going to USAJOBS.You will also apply through USAJOBS if you are on active duty in the military, but you may need to go through an additional application procedure through your respective military service (for example, if you are in the army, then contact your local army personnel management for more information).

If you want to work for NASA, then you may need to relocate. The agency’s 18,000-strong workforce is primarily spread across a variety of locations, the most prominent of which are: NASA Headquarters (Washington, DC) Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley, California)

Particularly if you want to be an astronaut, an engineer, or a scientist with NASA, you should choose a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) centered education path. You should also determine as early as possible if your eventual dream job with NASA will require graduate study.

You should read recently published papers from the group you’re interested in and visit their website to gain an appreciation for what they do and how that fits with your interests. Then contact the Principal Investigator (PI) to see if they have Ph.D. positions available. You should also visit our job board regularly for postdoctoral postings.

Working with NASA . In addition to federal civil service positions, NASA has other full-time, part-time and intermittent opportunities to work in support of our nation's space program. Learn more.

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