How do you grow iceberg lettuce in hydroponics?

Nellie Kunde asked a question: How do you grow iceberg lettuce in hydroponics?
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Start iceberg lettuce via seed directly sown 18-24 inches apart or started indoors and then thinned 12-14 inches between heads. Some iceberg lettuce varieties include Ballade, Crispino, Ithaca, Legacy, Mission, Salinas, Summertime and Sun Devil, all of which mature in 70-80 days.

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Compactness first then size. Getting a good iceberg lettuce with good head formation starts with a variety first for the specific climate it is planted in, after that you need to understand the general agronomy of the plant. Just one point on varieties. Always have at least 3-5 varieties available for planting throughout the year.

3) Nutrition. As consumers become conscious of the nutrient and antioxidant levels in their food, they continue to become more discerning in food purchases. Due to underlying genetics, plant growth form and a few other factors, iceberg lettuce is not the most nutrient dense leafy green vegetable.

To get started with your hydroponic garden, you’ll need to first select a growing medium or a seed starter to sow your seeds. You can also start a lettuce garden from cuttings or start transplants, but doing so with seeds is a far easier method of beginning your hydroponic garden. For lettuce, a popular growing medium is rockwool cubes.

To grow iceberg lettuce, start by filling a shallow seed tray with soil and sprinkling a few seeds in each cell a few weeks before the last frost. Then, place the tray in a sunny window and keep the soil moist.

If you want to grow hydroponic lettuce, pick a lettuce variety and a water culture system for your setup, such as NFT or Ebb and Flow. Grow lettuce seedlings outside of the water culture system, and once they are around 2 inches tall, transplant them into a net pot and place the pot in the reservoir.

Yes, hydroponics can grow iceberg lettuce. All lettuces grow well in hydroponics systems. No, it is not pure water. You need to still add nutrients. Once your seedling is about two inches tall or so, the water should be getting a nutrient solution or the plant will run out of energy. Water carries the nutrients, water isn’t the only nutrient required.

Thru a few basic steps, I was able to grow ... I started this hydroponic rail system about 30 days ago, having absolutely zero experience in hydroponic growing.

Vegetables that have a determinate growth pattern are ideal for hydroponic production. Here we look at how to grow lettuce in a recirculating system. Leafy and other determinate vegetables are usually small plants with small root systems. If they are grown hydroponically, production generally takes place in systems such as the gravel flow system.

But for growing lettuce, it is best to pick the water culture system. In this system, the plants float on top of the water, and the roots grow into the water, absorbing all the required nutrients. It is them important that you pick your medium through which your lettuce will hydroponically grow.

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