How do you predict when a tornado is coming?

Jamaal Wilkinson asked a question: How do you predict when a tornado is coming?
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With the aid of modern observing systems, such as vertically pointing radars (called wind profilers) and imaging systems on satellites that can measure the flow of water vapour through the Earth's atmosphere, forecasters can usually identify where conditions will be favourable for tornado formation one to seven hours ...

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Meteorologists often rely on massive computer programs called numerical weather prediction models to help them decide if conditions will be right for the development of tornadoes. These models are designed to calculate what the atmosphere will do at certain points over a large area, from the Earth's surface to the top of the atmosphere.

A tornado is a powerful, narrow column of winds that rotate around a center of low pressure. The winds inside a tornado spiral inward and upward, often exceeding speeds of 300 mph.We cannot always tell if a developing storm will produce a tornado. Advances in radar technologies have helped to identify storms that are producing a tornadoes, or about to produce a tornado. Continue reading →

How do scientists predict tornadoes? To predict when and where a tornado might touch town, scientists have a range of tools at their disposal—they can measure wind speed and pressure through weather stations and watch doppler radar, for instance. But tornadoes can be fleeting—most last for less than 10 minutes. Click to see full answer.

A Tornado Watch is issued by the meteorologists at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. They watch the weather all day, every day across the U.S. for signs of severe weather. A watch can cover parts or entire states. If you know there is a chance of severe weather, you can tune into NOAA Weather Radio to hear when an advance warning is issued.

In this video, I explain how to tell if a tornado is coming at night. Tornadoes are very dangerous, so do your research before you encounter one, if you do…

Go to one of those shelters, or to a nearby permanent structure, using your tornado evacuation plan. Your plan could include staying with someone who is in a sturdy permanent structure, if a tornado threat is forecast. Most tornadoes can destroy even tied-down mobile homes; and it is best not to play the low odds that yours will make it.

In general, a falling barometer indicates the approach of a storm. If the mercury is over 30.20 inches but falling quickly, warmer, cloudier weather is coming. If the mercury continues to fall, the...

This information is transmitted to the public as a tornado watch. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been spotted either visually or on a weather radar. Once strong thunderstorms begin to form, local offices of the National Weather Service monitor their development using imagery from satellite sensors and, most important, from radars. These allow forecasters to follow the evolution of the storms and to estimate their intensity.

If you are under a tornado or severe weather warning: Go to a safe shelter immediately, such as a safe room, basement, storm cellar or a small interior room on the lowest level of a sturdy building. Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Do not go under an overpass or bridge.

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