How far earth to venus?

Whitney Schaefer asked a question: How far earth to venus?
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  • The closest possible opposition distance between Earth and Venus is 38 million kilometers. This is the closest that any planet comes to Earth. The farthest that Venus ever gets from Earth is 261 million km. The means that the Venus distance from Earth can vary by an incredible 223 million km.


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❔ Venus to earth?

This is earth. We read you 5 by 9. Go ahead Venus.

❔ Can venus see earth?

it seems no,but if you use the special tools

❔ Compare venus' and earth?

Venus rhymes with penis, Earth rhymes with birth, Therefore they are the exact same and both relate to reproduction.

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Is venus visible from earth?

  • Venus is visible from Earth due to its high albedo (that is the amount of light it reflects from the Sun). This is due to Venus’ atmosphere being so thick it reflects around 70% of the light from the Sun back into outer space although it does still absorb a lot of the heat from the sun.

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Is venus visible on earth?

We can't see the surface of Venus from Earth, because it is covered with thick clouds. Venus has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), which consists mostly of carbon dioxide.

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Is venus warmer then earth?

Yes. The surface temperature on Venus is around 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Is venus weaker than earth?

yes venus has much stronger gravity than earth

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Was venus ever earth like?

Because Venus is completely covered in clouds, human knowledge of surface conditions was largely speculative until the space probe era. Until the mid-20th century, the surface environment of Venus was believed to be similar to Earth, hence it was widely believed that Venus could harbor life.

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Where is venus on earth?

Venus lies within Earth's orbit, and so never appears to venture far from the Sun, either setting in the west just after dusk or rising in the east a little while before dawn. Venus orbits the Sun every 224.7 Earth days.

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Will earth turn into venus?

  • (Image credit: Aphelleon/Shutterstock) Earth could turn into a hothouse planet like Venus , with boiling oceans and acid rain, if humans don't curb irreversible climate change, physicist Stephen Hawking claimed in a recent interview. "We are close to the tipping point, where global warming becomes irreversible.

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3 differences between earth and venus?

  1. the venus has no oceans.2. the Venus is covered by a layer of thick clouds.3. and there are trapping heat in its atmosphere.

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Are venus' and earth nearly identical?

No they are not, venus is about 400 degrees hotter and their chemical compositions are nearly entirely different. although their are some similarities but not as much.

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Can earth be compared to venus?

  • Venus is similar in size to Earth. Earth is just a little bit bigger. Venus is unusual because it spins the opposite direction of Earth and most other planets. And its rotation is very slow.

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Can u see venus from earth?

Venus… We can't see the surface of Venus from Earth, because it is covered with thick clouds. Venus has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), which consists mostly of carbon dioxide. Always brilliant, and shining with a steady, silvery light.

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Can we see earth from venus?

Although its continued brightness is perhaps Venus's most notable feature, it isn't just the brightest planet we can see from Earth, but rather an extreme, remarkable planet in a number of ways. Here's what gives Venus its remarkable, unique status within the Solar System.

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Can you see earth from venus?

real venus from earth venus surface

Venus. After the Moon, Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky… We can't see the surface of Venus from Earth, because it is covered with thick clouds. Venus has the densest atmosphere of the four terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars), which consists mostly of carbon dioxide.

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Can you see venus from earth?

Which planets are visible to the naked eye from Earth? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible for much of the year. Neptune and Uranus are not visible - and of course the eighth planet in our solar system is Earth itself… Mars, Mercury and Venus can be seen during dawn or dusk when in this period.

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Does venus come closer to earth?

No planet approaches closer to Earth than Venus; at its nearest it is the closest large body to Earth other than the Moon. Because Venus's orbit is nearer the Sun than Earth's, the planet is always roughly in the same direction in the sky as the Sun and can be seen only in the hours near sunrise or sunset.

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How are earth and venus different?

Earth supports life while Venus doesn't It's "greenhouse" effect makes it the hottest planet in the solar system.Earth and Venus are roughly the same size and mass, but Venus in much hotter (on the order of 400° C), with an atmosphere or carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid, and a very slow rotation rate (a day on venus is longer that a venus year). Not much of a vacation spot...Venus is hotter

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How are mercury venus earth different?

Earth has water, oxygen, and life on it. Mercury is rocky very hot dead planet with no atmosphere. Venus is a dead planet covered with extremely hot poisonous gas with a very thick atmosphere that crushes anything on the surface.

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How close is venus to earth?

How you can tell Venus is close, at night go outside before the stars come out then the first and biggest stare is Venus.

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How does earth and venus compare?

They are the closest to eachother

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How far earth to venus miles?

  • At its farthest, Venus lies 162 million miles (261 million kilometers) away, according to NASA . Venus takes 224.7 Earth days to travel around the sun. It makes its closest approach to Earth about once every 584 days, when the planets catch up to one another.

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How far from earth to venus?

The distance between venus & earth is 48 million kilometers. (Note that the distance given between both the planets has been considered with reference to the Sun.That's suppose when all three are on a line.)

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How far is earth to venus?

  • Earth To Venus Distance. Distance between Earth and Venus is 532 KM (kilometers) and 442.16 meters.

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How fast from earth is venus?

venus surface venus from earth sky

  • Venus takes 225 Earth days to orbit the sun. The earth takes 365 and a quarter days in comparison. How long does it take light to travel to Venus? Sunlight reaches Venus in 5 minutes and 46 seconds. Light from Venus takes 134 seconds (around 2 minutes) to reach us here on Earth.

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How hig is venus comparedto earth?

  • Whereas Earth has a mean radius of 6,371 km and a mass 5,972,370,000 quadrillion kg, Venus has a mean radius of about 6,052 km and a mass of 4,867,500,000 quadrillion kg. This means that Venus is roughly 0.9499 the size of Earth and 0.815 as massive.

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How is venus and earth different?

because they are different planets

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