How good is pureit water purifier?

King Morissette asked a question: How good is pureit water purifier?
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From past one year I am the user of Pureit classic model. Its really a fantastic purifier for middle class people with optimum cost. The service back up is also very good. Yesterday afternoon I have ordered for battery, in the evening itself I got it.

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These purifiers remove 99.9% germs, bacteria, viruses, contaminations, etc. Not only this, the HUL Pureit water purifiers can be trusted for the removal of heavy metals from the water The Pureit water purifiers are pretty amazing in enhancing the taste of the water and making it sweet

Specs of HUL Pureit Marvella RO+UV Water Filter Purifier Technology: Advanced 6-stage Purification through RO, Advance Alert System to alert about GermKill Kit 15 days before its end of life, Auto Safety Lock: Shuts off water supply when the Germkill Kit needs replacement, Auto Shut Off ensures water purity

Its water storage capacity being 9 Litres ensures that you and your family always have safe drinking water. With this water purifier, you get 6 months warranty that gives you peace of mind. Now you must be thinking about its water purification process.

Pureit water purifiers, a revolutionary range of water purifiers from the house of Hindustan Unilever, is all you need to keep your family safe from the waterborne diseases. HUL claims that its scientists have put years of research to come with a technological breakthrough leading to the creation of Pureit RO water purifiers.

Pureit, one of the best water purifiers in India, offers superior range of RO water purifier . Its best in class RO technology purifies water and enriches with essential minerals. Book a free home visit today.

The best thing about this Pureit ECO Water Saver water purifier is its significant water recovery rate of up to 60%. If you are a medium family of 5 members and consume 10 liters of drinking water, this Eco-Saver model saves around 80 glasses of water daily.

HUL Pureit Copper Water Purifier is a water purifier that gives you clean drinking water. It can purify all kinds of water and removes more than 99% of bacteria and protozoa that can cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, etc. ‘Pureit’ stands for purity and that’s what this water purifier promises.

HUL Pureit water purifiers recently launched Copper+ Mineral RO. This RO water purifier adds the goodness of copper in purified water. Pureit Copper+ RO is an advanced 7-stage RO+UV+MF water purifier. This RO purifier features a unique Copper Charge Technology™ that enriches your purified water with copper in real-time.

UV Water Purifier system purify water up to 99.9% without any chemical use and without changing the taste of water. Do You know how it works? All categories Best Under 10000 Best Under 20000 Best Under 50,000 Best under 5000 is water purifier good for health

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