How is the surface of venus' and earth alike?

Danielle Schumm asked a question: How is the surface of venus' and earth alike?
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❔ How is the earth and venus alike?

they are roughly the same size

❔ How are mercury venus earth and mars alike?

The four planets closest to the sun—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars—are the inner planets, also called the terrestrial planets because they are similar to Earth… All of the inner planets are solid, dense, rocky planets. The inner planets either do not have moons or have just one (Earth) or two (Mars).

❔ How hot is venus' surface compared to earth?

  • Earth's average surface temperature is 288 Kelvin while Venus's 1 Bar temperature is 360 Kelvin. Venus's atmosphere is hotter than Earth's by 72 degrees Celsius (72C/161F). This is quite a bit smaller than the roughly 500 degree difference in surface temperatures, but not even all of this is caused by runaway greenhouse effect.

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Venus has a rocky surface,Earth some what does.

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Venus surface features?

Venus sometimes hot at 135.12 F and -35 below zero Venus is a rocky planet and the second hottest planet from the sun. BY: Miguel A

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The planets venus and earth are much alike in terms of?

Their Size and Density.

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Which ways are venus and mars alike but different from earth?

Both these planets have solid rocky surface like the earth but both don't have the oxygen atmosphere, water and life

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How is the surface of venus compared to the earth?

  • Venus compared to Earth Venus Earth Surface temp. (mean) 465 °C 15 °C Surface pressure 90 bar 1 bar (sea level) Albedo (reflectivity) 0.76 0.37 Highest point on surface Maxwell Montes (17 km) Mount Everest (8.8 km) 12 more rows ...

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How is the surface of venus different from the earth?

  • Please try again later. Venus’ surface, in contrast, has little variation in terms of elevation, with the majority covered by smooth, volcanic plains. In fact, it is estimated that if a terraforming event began to allow for water to accumulate on the surface, roughly 80% of the planet would be below sea level.

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How is the surface of venus similar to the earth?

  • Venus's surface. NASA image. Venus is almost a twin of Earth in terms of size, mass and composition. It's only slightly smaller, formed in the same neighborhood of the solar system, and has a large iron core and rocky silicate mantle. Like Earth, its crust is largely basalt (though in our case the basalt is almost all hidden by the ocean).

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Is the surface of venus the same as the earth?

  • Because Venus is made of pretty much the same stuff as our Earth, and has roughly the same size and mass, scientists are pretty sure that, back in the early days of the solar system, Venus was kind of nice. It probably supported liquid water oceans on the surface and white fluffy clouds dotting a blue sky. Actually, quite lovely.

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Which is hotter the surface of venus or the earth?

  • Whereas the Earth has an average surface temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of Venus is 460 degrees Celsius. That is roughly 410 degrees hotter than the hottest deserts on our planet. In fact, at a searing 750 K (477 °C), the surface of Venus is the hottest in the solar system.

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Why does venus have a smoother surface than the earth?

  • Rare gases such as argon and neon detected in the atmosphere suggest that Venus is richer in volatile elements than the Earth or Mars. * The surface of Venus was found to be generally smooth, much less irregular than that of the Earth.

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Why is the surface of venus hotter than the earth?

  • Any heat that Mercury receives from the sun is quickly lost back into space. Venus is very close to the actual size of earth and viewing it has been difficult due to a very thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide. This thick atmosphere makes the surface of Venus hotter because the heat doesn’t escape back into space.

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Nasa earth surface area?

The Earth Surface and Interior focus area (ESI) supports innovative, cross-cutting research into solid Earth processes and properties. ESI uses NASA’s unique global observations to better understand the Earth from its inner core to its outer lithospheric crust, as well as the dynamics between these component parts and the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean.

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Explain why surface conditions on venus and earth are so different?

Venus' surface conditions are different because of the atmosphere that venus has. Its atmosphere is mostly Co2 which is a greenhouse gas. This greenhouse gas allows the suns warmth to penetrate to the surface, but is unable to reflect back out into space. Therefor The heat is trapped between the atmosphere and the surface. Because of this the surface temperature of the Venus is a sweltering 860 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Is the interior of venus similar to the surface of earth?

  • If we could walk around on the surface of the planet (without being killed by the toxic blast furnace of an atmosphere), gravity would be close to that on the surface of Earth. The interior of Venus is probably similar to Earth's interior.

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How are jupiter and venus alike?

They are both planets. Although Venus is a rocky planet and Jupiter is a gas planet.

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How are mercury and venus alike?

They are both rocky planets

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How are venus and neptune alike?

venus conjunct neptune

They are practically the same size - they are closer in volume than the other pair of sister planets, Earth and Venus. They are the same shade of blue, because they both have methane in their atmospheres. They both have a very even surface temperature - less than a 2oC variation from one pole to the other.

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Venus to earth?

This is earth. We read you 5 by 9. Go ahead Venus.

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Does venus have a surface?

Yes Venus Has A Atmosphere Is Made Up Of 96.5% Of Carbon Dioxide And 3.5%Of Nitrogen And Its Average Temperatrue Is 499c

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Nasa's aree exploring venus surface?

Artist’s impression of radar on VERITAS peering below the planetary cloud layer to create high-resolution maps of Venus’ surface. VERITAS will be operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory ...

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The surface features of venus?

it has wind hills

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