How long should my fairway shaft be?

Ernesto Lubowitz asked a question: How long should my fairway shaft be?
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Length: Fairway woods for male golfers range in length from 42.75″ to 43.5″ for a 3 wood. Each club gets progressively shorter by . 5″ to 1″ as you go up in loft. If you are playing a 43″ 3 wood, a 5 wood should be no longer than 42.5″.

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Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how the driver shaft impacts the performance of your longest club in the bag. Remember, the average driver standard length is 45 inches for men and 44 inches for women (off the rack).

Shafts for 3-woods will usually max out at 43 inches, and shouldn’t be shorter than 42 inches. Those who carry a 5-wood and a 7-wood should be around 41 and 40 inches, respectively. Getting properly fitted is essential to knowing how long your fairway wood shafts should be.

But you run the risk of finding yourself chopping the ball out of the rough and fairway bunkers -- if not flirting with out-of-bounds stakes -- on a regular basis. Men's Drivers. The standard...

Clubs other than drivers gradually get shorter -- if a 44-inch steel shaft driver is indicated by the chart, your 5-iron will measure 38 inches and sand wedge 35.5 inches. Graphite clubs are slightly longer, with a standard driver at 45 inches, 5-iron at 38.5 inches and a sand wedge 36 inches.

However, in the present times, the driver has a standard shaft length of 45 inches. Women’s drivers that used to be 43 inches long are considered to have a standard length of 44 inches these days. The 3 wood is the longest golf club in the complete set of fairway woods. The shaft length typically ranges between 42 inches and 43 inches for men.

When in doubt, err on the side of shorter length for the driver. The second longest wood should never be longer than 43 inches for men or 42 inches for women — the second longest wood is lowest lofted wood that the golfer can consistently hit for shots off normal fairway lies.

For example, if your driver is 60 grams, your fairway shaft may be 70 grams. How do I determine if my clubs should be long, short or standard length? It starts with how tall you are, but just because you are taller or shorter doesn’t mean you need a longer or shorter shaft, respectively.

Long irons have a loft angle ranging from 20° to 27°. Middle irons range from 28 to 34 and can reach distances of 140 to 160 yards. Lastly, short irons have high lofts and can reach up to 130 yards in length. If you plan on using an iron club, I suggest you base it off of your height.

On average, most golfers use a driver that’s forty-four inches in length, however, a club shaft up to forty-eight inches in allowed for competitions.

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