How many arms does the venus de milo statue have?

Jermey Gorczany asked a question: How many arms does the venus de milo statue have?
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❔ How many arms does venus de milo have?

She has two but the lower portions have been lost a long time ago.

❔ Why was the venus de milo statue missing its arms?

  • Answer: One of the most famous examples of ancient Greek sculpture, the Venus de Milo is immediately recognizable by its missing arms and popularly believed to represent Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, who was known to the Romans as Venus.

❔ Why does venus de milo have no arms?

  • And as The Guardian's Jonathan Jones wrote in 2015, "The Venus de Milo is an accidental surrealist masterpiece. Her lack of arms makes her strange and dreamlike. She is perfect but imperfect, beautiful but broken — the body as a ruin. That sense of enigmatic incompleteness has transformed an ancient work of art into a modern one."

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So many I think you'd better google images it to have a look for yourself!Answer 2:Originally she had two, which can be seen from the present stumps.

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What happened to the arms of venus de milo?

The Louvre initially promoted the Venus de Milo as a masterpiece from the Greek classical era… As for the Venus de Milo's missing limbs, there long have been claims they were broken off in 1820 during a fight on the shore of Melos, as French and Turkish sailors vied for possession of the artwork.

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Where can the statue of venus de milo be found today?

At the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

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What was the venus de milo doing with her arms?

“She is a puzzle, gazing serenely at something we cannot see, something once held, we assume, by her missing arms,” Ms Postrel said. She worked with Mr Wenman, an expert in 3D printing techniques, to test out her own theory that Venus was spinning yarn, an activity which had an association with sex in Ancient Greece.

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Why doesn't venus statues have arms?

venus de milo venus demilo

Archeology professor and textiles expert Elizabeth Wayland Barber suggested that Venus was spinning, and suggests the statue may represent a prostitute, as spinning was an activity associated with ancient Greek sex workers. It is impossible to prove this or any other theory about the absent arms of the Venus de Milo.

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What is venus de milo?

There is a famous statue at "The Louvre: Venus de Milo" . Click link below to find out more!

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How old is venus de milo?

About 2000 years old.

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Is venus de milo a goddess?

Yes, it is Aphrodite.

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Where is venus de milo kept?

The Venus de Milo is in the Louvre, in Paris, France.

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Who made the venus de milo?


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Why was venus de milo created?

The answer is the same for all works of art (before about 1600): somebody commissioned it.

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Why was venus de milo made?

Why was the Venus de Milo created?

  • Venus de Milo. Initially it was attributed to the sculptor Praxiteles, however from an inscription that was on its plinth, the statue is thought to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch . Created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, the statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty; however,...

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Who is believed to have created the venus de milo?

Known also as the Aphrodite of Milos, the Venus de Milo is a marble sculpture that was likely created by Alexandros of Antioch during the late 2nd century BC. It features a nearly nude, larger-than-life (6 feet, 8 inches tall) female figure posed in a classical S-curve.

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How many mons does venus have?

  • The answer is no moons at all. That’s right, Venus (and the planet Mercury) are the only two planets that don’t have a single natural moon orbiting them. Figuring out why is one question keeping astronomers busy as they study the Solar System.

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How many moons venus does have?

  • No, Venus does not have any moons. Mercury, Venus’ immediate neighbor, also does not have any moons. Coming after Venus in the planetary sequence is our home planet, Earth, which has one moon revolving around it. Mars, the next planet along, has 2 moons. Jupiter has 67 moons, Saturn has 62 moons, Uranus has 27 moons and Neptune has 14 moons.

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How many orbits does venus have?

venus have 12 orbits... :)

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How many rings does venus have?

  • Does Venus Have Rings? Unfortunately, Venus doesn’t have rings. It also doesn’t have any moons; although, Venus might have had a moon in the past, but it probably crashed back into the planet billions of years ago.

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How many satellittes does venus' have?

Venus does not have any moons, but there is at least one known asteroid orbiting it.

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How many suns does venus have?

venus has one sun

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How many volcanoes does venus have?

Although no one has ever counted them, scientists think that there are over 100,000 or even over 1,000,000. That's a lot of volcanoes!

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Is venus de milo a ninja turtle?

yes, she is named after the statue, she appears in the Next Mutation series.

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