How many dead from monsoons?

Makayla Wuckert asked a question: How many dead from monsoons?
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Floods and landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 221 people across South Asia over the past month, officials said on Friday. More than one million people have been marooned in Nepal, Bangladesh and India and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes for higher ground.

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Copy. The number of people who die in a monsoon is dependent on manyfactors. The factors that determine the death tools includelocation, the severity of the monsoon, and the warning time ...

Monsoon Rains Leave At Least 200 Dead in India, Dozens More in Myanmar and Pakistan

But where there is monsoon there is destruction, this is a problem for South Asian states especially. Million and million people are effected by monsoon season every year in the Indian Sub-continent either due to drought or severe flooding.

Monsoon rains leave 100 dead in India More than 200,000 people in West Bengal have been forced to shelter in state-run relief camps after heavy rains triggered flooding and dozens of fatalities

Like him, an estimated 17.5 million people across South Asia are suffering as a result of the devastation of this year’s monsoon floods. Nearly 700 have died.

Winter monsoons, by contrast, have a dominant easterly component and a strong tendency to diverge, subside and cause drought. [20] Similar rainfall is caused when moist ocean air is lifted upwards by mountains, [21] surface heating, [22] convergence at the surface, [23] divergence aloft, or from storm-produced outflows at the surface. [24]

As winds blow from the ocean to the land, moist air is brought inland. This is why summer monsoons cause so much rain. Monsoon season does not end as abruptly as it begins. While it takes time for the land to heat up, it also takes time for that land to cool in the fall. This makes monsoon season a time of rainfall that diminishes rather than ...

Almost four million people have been hit by monsoon floods in South Asia, officials said July 14, with a third of Bangladesh already underwater from some of the heaviest rains in a decade 77 dead...

Advertisement. With more than a month to go, India’s monsoon season has claimed more than 1,000 lives. From June to Aug. 15, the death toll from rain-related incidents had reached 1,058 in India ...

In 2005, a strong monsoon devastated western India. As the summer monsoon blew in from the southwest, it first hit the state of Gujarat. More than 100 people died. Then, the monsoon rains hit the state of Maharashtra. Flooding in Maharashtra killed more than 1,000 people.

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