How many editions did venus and adonis go through?

Adrian Murray asked a question: How many editions did venus and adonis go through?
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  • In fact, the poem would go through fourteen more editions before 1640. Perhaps because Shakespeare's Venus pursues Adonis and her own pleasure rather boldly, Venus and Adonis seems to have appealed to contemporary women readers in addition to the witty and urbane young men who usually consumed Ovidian verse.


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❔ Was venus and adonis a play?

No, it's a long semi-pornographic poem.

❔ What was venus and adonis about?

Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love, who got into a sexual relationship with a very handsome mortal man called Adonis.

❔ When was venus and adonis written?

Early printed texts. Venus and Adonis was first published in 1593, and subsequently frequently reprinted through the 17th century.

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