How many inches of rain did tropical storm imelda drop?

Trinity Smith asked a question: How many inches of rain did tropical storm imelda drop?
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40 Inches

Tropical Storm Imelda Dumps More Than 40 Inches of Rain in Texas, Triggering Catastrophic Flooding (RECAP)

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A steady influx of deep tropical moisture into Imelda and its remnants, combined with the system’s slow looping motion over eastern Texas, produced widespread rainfall amounts greater than 30 inches across several counties, including portions of the Houston metro area and Beaumont (Fig. 6).

Tropical Storm Imelda was the fifth-wettest tropical cyclone on record in the continental United States, causing devastating and record-breaking floods in southeast Texas.The eleventh tropical cyclone and ninth named storm of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Imelda formed out of an upper-level low that developed in the Gulf of Mexico and moved westward. Little development occurred until the system was near the Texas coastline, where it rapidly developed into a tropical storm before moving ...

Tropical Storm Imelda dumped prolific amounts of rain across parts of southeastern Texas in September 2019, leading to catastrophic flooding and prompting evacuations. More than two feet of rain...

The peak rainfall total from Imelda so far is 43.35 inches at North Fork Taylors Bayou in eastern Texas. These totals are in excess of those peak totals measured in Harris County during the...

The Houston area got a sinking feeling of deja vu as Imelda dumped around 6 inches of water per hour, hour after hour. (Getty Embed) And yet just last week, Tropical Storm Imelda arrived and gave the Houston-area three days of around 1,000 mm (40 inches) of rain. To be clear, no one can stop a storm from coming. But people across Twitter and ...

Imelda: 24-hour rainfall totals range from deluge to a drop or two So far, Tropical Storm Imelda has dumped double-digit rainfall on several areas, but other cities barely got a drop. Author ...

22 inches of rain fall

Tropical Storm Imelda lost steam and was downgraded to a tropical depression Tuesday evening, but that doesn’t mean the threat of severe weather is gone.

How much rain fell in Tropical Storm Allison? The worst of the flooding occurred in Houston, Texas, where over 35 inches (890 mm) of rain fell. Allison caused approximately $8.5 billion in damage (2001 USD), making it the costliest tropical cyclone that was never a major hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin. Click to see full answer.

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