How many miles space station above earth?

Luciano Kub asked a question: How many miles space station above earth?
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The space station orbits Earth at an average altitude of 227 nautical miles/420 kilometers above Earth.

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The ISS sits a little more than 200 miles above the Earth. Read: How To Spot The International Space Station: When Will It Fly Over? Three astronauts launched to the ISS Friday.

240: The average distance in miles above Earth's surface the ISS orbits (400 kilometers).

In the third episode of Minute Friday, I delve into the question as to why the ISS is 400 km above our Earth instead of some other orbitsFollow me @ LeiCreat...

According to them, space starts 12 miles below the Kármán Line, at 50 miles above Earth's surface. Pilots, mission specialists and civilians who cross this boundary are officially deemed astronauts.

From that perspective, the International Space Station, which orbits at only 330-435 kilometers above the Earth, isn’t even worthy of its name. Related Articles So, it’s not that the atmosphere ends at the Karman line, it’s simply that at that altitude, it becomes too insignificant to support flights that rely on ‘air quality’.

ISS serves as both an orbiting laboratory and a port for international spacecraft. It orbits at approximately 220 miles (350 km) above the Earth and it travels at an average speed of 17,227 miles...

NASA’s web site will check the telemetry from the space station and gather its exact latitude and longitude as it orbits about 200 miles over the Earth, traveling 17,500 miles an hour, making one full orbit every hour and a half.

Most of the time, the International Space Station (ISS) is orbiting the Earth at an altitude of approximately 220 miles (354 km), which places it in low Earth orbit (LEO). This distance can change, however, and has varied from 205 miles (330 km) to a planned maximum of 248 miles (400 km).

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